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SteelMaster Antique Auto Showcase

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inside steel quonset hut building with vintage car and vintage workshop signs

The Antique Automobile Club of America’s official museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania may have a little friendly competition just up the road.

Retired Senior Vice-president of Engineering of JLG Corporation and antique automobile enthusiast Wayne MacDonald built his own mini museum in McConnellsburg and he choose a SteelMaster building for his project.

He is a member of the Antique Automobile Club and he has quite a collection of his own.

MacDonald wanted to achieve two goals–protect his prized possessions and create the look and feel of an antique museum of his own.

He had the opportunity to research other brands before he made the decision to build, but he says SteelMaster’s durability, strength, warranty and competitive pricing is what persuaded him to choose us.

MacDonald choose to safely store his antique vehicles and automobile memorabilia in a ModelS40. He had the opportunity to build custom 12′ block end walls and the flexibility to artfully arrange up to 12 antique vehicles since our buildings do not require structural beams.

“My masonry end walls were carefully planned to recall the design of automobile garages from the early years of the twentieth century. The front was achieved by the use of several different colors and textures to achieve this finish. The SteelMaster design staff was helpful by providing signed architectural plans I could use for obtaining my building permit and for designing my end walls. Getting a copy of the plans was no problem whatsoever,” says MacDonald.

It took around eight weeks and just a few friends to complete this project.

MacDonald says he only had to call SteelMaster once with a question during the building process.

With so many of his prized possessions under one arched roof, MacDonald was extremely concerned with maintaining the showcase/museum-like quality of the building.

“The building is used only for display, as all work on the cars is done elsewhere. Four skylights were installed which really brighten the interior of my building. A pleasant surprise from my SteelMaster building is how clean everything inside stays. I have not seen the first leak nor any rust either,” says Wayne.

Here’s to Wayne MacDonald and wishing him many more pleasurable retirement days ahead – whether cruising on the road, or taking a leisurely stroll through time in his SteelMaster Showcase!

Written by Doris D. Shadouh and Tammy Kistler