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SteelMaster’s Cost-Effective Metal Warehouses Perfect for Your Bottom Line

There are several things to consider while going through the process of choosing a new warehouse structure, and one of the most important of them all is price. SteelMaster not only offers the most durable metal warehouses on the market, we’re also mindful of your bottom line and we offer a variety of cost-effective, quality structures for your needs.

According to ProEst, the average commercial construction cost for a building is between $35 and $100 per square foot. SteelMaster offers steel warehouses in a variety of sizes ranging from 40’ to 80 in width, and the price of each building is approximately $8 to $12 per square foot.

Prefabricated warehouse costs are significantly lower than a traditional style building primarily due to ease of construction. SteelMaster’s prefabricated arches are pre-punched and pre-drilled at our factory before they are delivered to your job site. When the kit arrives, you’ll receive most of what you need to put it together with just the help of a small crew depending on the size of the building. Larger projects will require more equipment to construct. Our buildings only require the use of one size nut and bolt, and bolting the arches together is a breeze. This cuts down on the time it takes to build, which decreases labor costs.

The cost of a warehouse can also add up over time when you consider the money it takes to maintain the structure. SteelMaster’s buildings come with a 40-year warranty, and we’ve also specially engineered each panel to last a lifetime. Every arch is made from the highest quality, commercial grade steel that is then corrugated to add additional strength to your building. If

severe weather hits your area, you can rest easier knowing your expensive equipment is protected inside of your SteelMaster metal warehouse.

By buying and assembling your own SteelMaster warehouse, you won’t be subject to annual rent increases and other increasing costs that occur when a lease is renewed. You also won’t inherit the depreciation and risks as you would with buying an existing building. If the building has problems like leaks or asbestos, renovations can be challenging and costly.

If you plan to relocate, you can also move your metal warehouse from site to site without having to purchase a new building. With the addition of a special foundation plate called an IBC connector, you’re able to transport your building wherever you go. This will save on additional construction costs and materials.

If you happen to expand your business and you need more space for inside of your warehouse to accommodate future growth, all you have to do is add more arches to expand the length of your building. You don’t have to hire special contractors to knock out walls and you won’t lose precious production time during the process.

When you want to get more bang for your buck, a SteelMaster metal warehouse is the most efficient, economical option on the market.


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