Woodworking trio builds handcrafted SteelMasterpiece

Keith, Randy and Dylan Cochran have their hands full these days in their Alabama wood workshop.

This talented trio has been busy making handcrafted wooden furniture from salvaged trees acquired at national forests in South Alabama and Florida.

The Cochrans, a father and his two sons, can create virtually anything. They can make bar stools, porch swings, cabinets and of course, their signature rocking chairs. They even won an award from Garden and Gun Magazine for their chairs.

For many years, Randy worked on projects in the backyard of his home. He finally moved to a rented space in the mid 80s, but then the time came to really expand his busy woodworking business.

Randy and his sons came to SteelMaster to help them build their dream, custom workshop.

Keith says that he has always been a fan of the Quonset HutTM and although he explored other options, the Quonset HutTM was exactly what he needed. “All of the others paled in comparison to what we could get with a Quonset Hut,” he explained.

Keith knew all about great designs. He previously worked as an industrial designer, building high-end wooden boats before he started to build furniture full time.

The Cochrans needed an adequate space to work and store their wooden masterpieces. Not only is their SteelMaster the ideal wood workshop, it’s also Dylan Cochran’s Quonset Hut home.

They needed a building that was durable, cost effective, and something they could easily do themselves. Keith says it only took them about 10 days to put the building up with a little help from a few friends. Then gradually over a one-year period, the Cochrans crafted their SteelMaster into a SteelMasterpiece!

They built their own custom end walls, made mostly from longleaf pine for the framing. The interior and exterior were sheathed with exterior grade ½ MDO Plywood.

The exterior siding is eastern red cedar and the window casings and interior and exterior frames are cypress. The doors are walnut and white oak, the back decks are made of treated yellow pine and the door frames are made from salvaged heart pine beams. “We were going to do it our way,” Keith says.

After they won an award for their signature rocking chairs from Garden and Gun in 2010, business has been picking up for this family team and they say their SteelMaster has helped them to continue to grow.

“The Quonset Hut has been an integral part of our success!” exclaimed Keith. “We really do love our building. We are proud of it. It works so well for what we have to do.”


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