Featured Alaskan Quonset Hut Building Projects

With hundreds of Alaskan customers, SteelMaster’s building specialists are experts in designing structures in the state.
Read about the projects below to learn more about SteelMaster and how our customers have utilized our Quonset huts for their building needs.

red end frame s model quonset building, garage, front door

Pole Vault Facility in Salcha

  • Model type: XS-Model &  S-Model
  • Size: 34’W X 24’H X 45’L & 10’W X 22’H X 80’L

This building, known as the “Salcha Dome,” is used for the Alaskan Pole Vault Club. It is comprised of two parts: a main 35’ x 45’ building connected to a 12’ x 80’ structure that is used as a runway.  Because heating in Alaska is expensive, he only heats the main part of the building and separates the two sections with an insulated garage door. The building has radiant floor heating.

x model garage with wooden end frame, front door and window, snowy area

Workshop in Anchor Point

  • Model type: X-Model
  • Size 30’W X 16’H X 36’L

In the three years Bob C.’s SteelMaster building has been assembled, it’s lasted through three winters and now two major earthquakes. Bob opted for our X-Model, which is the most popular for areas with heavy snow.

a model quonset shed, wooden frame, barn style doors

Storage in McCarthy

  • Model Type: A-Model
  • Size 20’W X 12’H X 28’L

Many SteelMaster customers save money by building their own custom endwalls with locally purchased materials. This Alaskan storage building has custom wooden endwalls, with a wooden ramp leading up to it.

a model quonset cabin on snowy mountain. dark green color, wood details, front door and windows

Cabin in Kotzebue

  • Model type: A-Model
  • Size: 20’W X 12’H X 24’L

SteelMaster customer Rod E.’s Quonset hut cabin is the perfect place to get some rest and relaxation in the Alaskan wilderness. Located about 24 miles from his home, the 20’ x 24’ A-Model cabin is so remote that the only way to get there is by boat or snow machine.

steel quonset style container covers over boat and trailer

Boat Storage in Ketchikan

  • Model Type: T-Model & Q Model
  • Size: 22’W X 15’H X 24’L & 26’W X 7’H X 20’L

Typically, customers use two shipping containers with a cover in between to create a structure. However, this boat storage structure is unique in that it only uses one shipping container in its design.

s model Quonset building on the water for boat use

Airplane Hangar in Ketchikan

  • Model Type – S-Model & Q-Model
  • Size: 40’W X 18’H X 12’L

Protecting aircraft can be an expensive and challenging venture, but SteelMaster’s metal airplane hangars are a perfect solution. Our disaster resistant buildings can withstand heavy snow and wind loads that are common in Alaska.

s model Quonset building on construction site

Container Cover in Anchor Point

  • Model type: R-Model
  • Size: 60’W X 18’H X 100’L

This container cover structure is the largest of its kind in Alaska and is used as a pipe manufacturing plant.

q model quonset building, metal end frame, garage, front door

Equipment Storage in Middleton Island

  • Model Type: XQ-Model
  • Size: 35’W X 18’H X 80’L

When you make an investment in the proper equipment for your business, you need an equipment storage building that is strong enough to protect it.  This equipment storage building is used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

s model quonset garage on the water for boat use

Hatchery in Petersburg

  • Model Type – S-Model & XS-Model
  • Size: 20’W X 13’H X 35’L & 28’W X 15’H X 40’L

This floating Quonset hut is used by the Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, Inc. (NSRAA), a private, non-profit corporation that conducts salmon enhancement projects throughout northern southeast Alaska. They have been serving the southeast Alaskan fishing community since 1978. The building is used as a hatchery for the restoration and rehabilitation of Alaska’s salmon stocks.

s model quonset garage with metal end frame

Shed in Anchorage

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size: 14’W X 11’H X 14’L

SteelMaster is the industry leader providing top-quality metal sheds to customers looking for adequate storage. This customer painted customized their shed by painting the arches a dark brown color.

a model quonset building, metal end frame, front door, windows

Workshop in Thorne Bay

  • Model Type – A-Model
  • Size: 20’W X 12’H X 32’L

All SteelMaster buildings are designed to accommodate heavy snow loads in areas that experience frequent snowstorms, such as Alaska. Due to the pitched roof of this Quonset hut workshop, the snow slides right off the roof.

s model quonset shed with metal end frame

Shed in Ketchikan

  • Model Type – S-Model
  • Size: 12’W X 11’H X 20’L

The 100 percent useable space makes the Quonset hut ideal for storing materials. The small backyard shed kit is used to store firewood and other gardening tools.

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset hut kits have been used for many applications, from backyard sheds and garages to cabins.
Our building specialists are experts in the design and logistical challenges of building a structure in Alaska.
Our team is able to work with Alaskan freight forwarders to coordinate the most cost-effective manner of shipping to Alaska. We’re also capable of delivering right to your site, even in the most remote areas. You’ll be able to decide if you’d like the building delivered for pick up at the dock or delivered right to your property.
Your SteelMaster building will be designed to withstand some of the difficult weather challenges Alaska brings. From blizzards to earthquakes, our disaster resistant buildings protect people and their property from whatever Mother Nature may bring.