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Construction of your SteelMaster Steel Building includes all the components necessary to erect a garage, a barn, a storage building or another building for almost any purpose. These components are made to precise standards of accuracy for easy assembly and construction, with pre-punched holes and only one size nut and bolt for the entire building. This prefabricated building is so simple to erect that over 80 percent of our customers construct their own building, leading to huge labor cost savings. Want more info? Download our DIY Construction PDF

Step 1: Build Your Arches

Assembling your SteelMaster metal building is safe and easy, with 70 percent of the work done on the ground with only one-size nut and bolt.

Step 2: Raise Arches

In most cases, no heavy equipment is required when raising your steel building.

Step 3: Fit Arches Together

Our precision-built arches fit together perfectly. The precision overlap of the arches provides more steel at critical connections, ensuring the easiest-to-assemble, strongest, best-fitting arch system available.

Step 4: Add End Walls

Finish your building with any SteelMaster steel End Wall, or a custom End Wall that you create and add on yourself.

*Keyway foundation is standard on all buildings. Industrial Base Foundation option shown is for illustration purposes only