Prefab Metal Building Kits Shipped To Alaska, Save On A Building And Shipping

Because Alaska is not part of the contiguous United States, shipping and delivery can sometimes be complicated. Cargo that would be trucked in other states often requires air or barge transport in Alaska due to logistical challenges.

The Port of Alaska handles more than 3.5 million tons of food, building materials, car, clothing and other goods every year. Imported cargo moves across Anchorage docks to the homes and businesses of 85 percent of all Alaskans.

SteelMaster is able to quickly deliver our buildings to almost anywhere worldwide. We’ll handle all of the logistics, providing you with a stress-free shipping and delivery experience.

Our building specialists will work with Alaskan freight forwarders to coordinate the most cost-effective manner of shipping to Alaska, saving you money without sacrificing quality.

We have the ability to ship to every port, dock and terminal in Alaska, including major ports like:

  • Anchorage (Port of Alaska)
  • College Fjord
  • Glacier Bay
  • Haines
  • Hubbard Glacier

We’re also capable of delivering directly to your site, even in the most remote location. You’ll be able to decide if you’d like the building delivered for pick up at the dock or delivered right to your property. We’ll contact you once your building is ready for pick-up and/or to coordinate the delivery straight to your property.

Customer Bob C. said the hassle-free shipping and delivery process was one of the reasons why he purchased his 30’ x 38’ X-model workshop from SteelMaster.

“To actually have a shop that size delivered to your door—there’s just no way I could say no,” Bob said.

David K.’s SteelMaster building was delivered to Beluga, Alaska, where the only way to get large cargo is by a barge a couple times a year due to the Bore Tide of the waterway between Beluga and the mainland Anchorage. Another method of delivery in the area is to wait until the middle of winter when the waterway freezes over so a bulldozer can drag sleds with the cargo across the ice.

Your SteelMaster building materials will be shipped either palletized or crated and ship LCL (less than container load). The arches will be stacked on top of each other, similar to a can of Pringles. This allows your prefab building kit to be quickly and easily offloaded.

We will also ship all of the necessary nuts and bolts you need to assemble your steel Quonset hut. If you choose to purchase our optional endwalls or additional accessories, you’ll also receive those items with the arch panels.

If you decide to pick up your arches at the dock, the freight company will load the pallets/crates onto your trailer. If delivered to the site, you must have the means to unload (forklift, front end loader, etc.) the materials from the tractor trailer.

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