steel quonset style container covers

Shipping Container Roofing Kits Have You Covered

Convert your existing shipping containers into functional and secure storage or working area by adding a SteelMaster shipping container cover.

One Roofing System – So Many Applications

SteelMaster provides an economical solution for a variety of needs by adding a roof between two shipping containers, also known as Conex boxes or ISO containers, with our innovative steel container cover kits.


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Container Cover Roof Mount Options

Roofs can be attached to either the inside edges or outside edges of the two containers, referred to as “inside mounts” and “outside mounts.” For the largest industrial-scale projects builders can also mount a roof on top of stacks of two shipping containers.

Container cover drawing

Outside Mount Roof

  • Ideal for adding endwalls & enclosing space
  • Roof completely covers the containers
  • Clears water from the roof
  • Allows for extra dry storage on top of conex boxes
Container cover drawing

Inside Mount Roof

  • Typically cheaper depending on configuration
  • Covers only space between shipping containers
  • Ideal for creating a covered workspace between units
  • Makes the roof narrower & more cost-effective
Container cover with yellow shipping containers surrounded by gravel

“I priced it out with three different companies and you guys were the quickest response and the best price for what we were looking for.”
Joel H., Alaska

Custom Commercial Building Solutions

From easy to advanced, we provide options in configuring a container cover building that fits an industry need.

Customization Options Open Ended Structure Fully Enclosed Container Building
Endwalls None needed. If it’s acting as equipment storage, keeping the ends open is an option  Can be customized to include any type of entryway that fits underneath the roof and can be aesthetically upgraded
Accessories None needed. With no endwalls, you won’t require optional add-ons to complete the building Steel endwalls, doors, and skylights are common options for enclosed structures
Doors None needed. Can meet any door requirements, including man and/or garage doors

Container Cover Structure Configurations

Container cover with blue shipping containers and bulldozer inside

Open-Ended Container Roof Structure

  • Two shipping containers with no endwalls
  • Most common container cover configuration
  • Typically found on construction sites or other working areas
Container cover stacked on multiple dark gray shipping containers

Partially-Enclosed Container Roof Structure

  • Common for bulk storage
  • Allows large equipment to drive inside and easily maneuver throughout the structure
  • Another container can be moved against the back of the structure to create a partial endwall
Container cover with steel front and rear endwalls on concrete foundation with orange shipping containers

Fully Enclosed Container Roof Structure

  • Prefabricated steel endwalls on both ends can be used for a more conventional building appearance
  • Offers added security/protection for items inside of structure
  • Can add garage door or other openings needed to endwalls

Shipping Container Building FAQs

What’s a container cover building?

A container cover building installs a roof between two existing shipping containers and converts wasted space into a functional building.

two steel garages separated by tan containers garage doors opened showing empty inside gravel surrounding structures

Are container cover roofs expensive?

The short answer is no. More specifically, with the money saved on construction, maintenance costs, and using our team of experts to design your building, a container roof becomes one of the most economical building choices on the market.

Our projects and prices range from just supplying the prefabricated corrugated steel panels and connector plates to designing and delivering commercial-scale warehousing solutions.

How difficult is it to install container roofs?

Shipping container roof systems are designed to be as simple to erect as they are to use. Kits are made of pre-cut steel panels that only use one type of nut and bolt.

“We needed something that would comply with hurricane standards and be acceptable for the airport, to provide a nice airy secure space to do our work. Your solution was the best one for the space that we had without requiring us to relocate to another place.”
Shaen T., Hawaii

Container cover with yellow shipping containers and equipment on the inside

What are container cover roofs used for?

Popular for industrial, commercial or construction applications, container covers are one of the most versatile and affordable building options available. Applications include but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Storage buildings
  • Garages
  • Onsite heavy equipment cover
  • Workshops
  • Barns
  • Offices
  • Sheds

What are the available sizes for shipping container buildings?

The smallest container cover building width we’d suggest is 20′ with the largest spanning 50′ wide.  Keep in mind container cover building dimensions can be anywhere in between these sizes and in certain geographies, larger models may be available.

Small container cover with white shipping containers
Container cover with grey and clue shipping containers with steel endwall with materials on the inside
Container cover building with gray shipping containers on side with white custom endwall and grey roll up door

How can I customize my project?

We work directly with our clients to design and engineer custom container buildings. From the space between the containers to the parts and accessories you want, each container cover we sell is designed only for our customers. Our team allows you to keep it simple with a dirt floor or go large with a secure storage facility.

Container cover entertainment area with bar inside and tables and chairs out front
Container cover with green custom steel endwall with green roll up door and green man door with green shipping containers on each side
Interior of container cover wiht lights and equipment with doors leading into shipping container