Container Covers

Have you heard about all the ways container covers can benefit your business storage needs? We can help make the most of your wasted space with our customizable steel container roofing systems.

SteelMaster Buildings provides an economical solution for a variety of needs by covering the space between shipping containers. Convert your existing shipping containers into functional and secure working areas such as covered workshops, heavy equipment storage units, on-site offices and more.

Materials arrive in shipping containers, regardless of destination, so why not use these empty steel containers to create a cost-effective solution for both on-site storage and security needs?

SteelMaster’s shipping container covers are also completely customizable with the ability to be attached to either the inside or outside corners of the containers, as well as provide front and rear end walls to fully enclose the area for additional functionality. Shipping containers are readily available in two standard heights and lengths, but they can be easily positioned or stacked on top of each other to create various configurations for your container covers.

Take a look and see exactly why we are the leader in steel container covers and roofing systems.
Benefits of Steelmaster Container Covers :

• Steel provides strength and longevity versus a flimsy fabric cover
• Easy construction
• Structures may be designed to be portable
• Pre-engineered to meet all local wind, snow and seismic design requirements
• Space between containers is completely shielded from the elements
• serves as permanent shelter, or can be easily relocated
• Property tax incentives may apply in your area, check with local authorities

Our container covers have provided maximum benefit for clients around the globe for over 30 years. Give us a call today or request a personalized quote and 3D drawing to start turning wasted space into your new business asset.

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