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Why Us: SteelMaster Uses A State-of-the-Art Factory

As one of the only materials to be completely reusable and recyclable, steel is one of the most critical building components today and in the future.

SteelMaster’s factory is dedicated to making steel using innovative processes that are more efficient, use less energy and emit less carbon while still providing you with a high-quality product.

SteelMaster Uses A Factory That Focuses on Quality

Quality: It’s the main reason why thousands of customers invest in SteelMaster Buildings every day. Every quality product has to have a great beginning, and our buildings start their amazing journey at our new state-of-the-art factory.

Our state-of-the-art factory is fully equipped with the latest technology and highly-skilled production technicians who go the extra mile every day to deliver superior quality products to our customers.

When you buy a SteelMaster building, you’re getting a structure that is both engineered and manufactured inside one of the most efficient, technologically advanced production facilities in the industry.

 We Utilize The Largest Steel Mill In The World For A Reason

SteelMaster’s factory produces buildings from steel coils manufactured by ArcelorMittal (NYSE MT), the largest steel mill in the world and they’re the leader for a reason.

We have automated, computer-controlled machinery, which continues to make our prefabrication process even more efficient. Data is fed into the system directly from engineering into the production equipment. This is a process that eliminates the potential for errors and delivers more precise results.

Our state of the art technology ensures that the arch panels are precision cold-formed and manufactured to the specification of exacting form and fit. Panels are pre-cut, die-punched and designed to overlap and align perfectly with each adjacent panel. Bolt holes are punched down each seam with a double of holes to create a weather-tight seal.

Experienced Team With A Track Record Of Excellence

Our structural engineering team has been creating steel projects for companies all over the globe since 1982.

We take great care to provide steel buildings to everyone from the homeowner who wants a simple backyard shed to store tools to the Fortune 500 Company looking for a large custom building.
We have also provided buildings to every military branch of the U.S. government as well as the Departments of Transportation, Defense, Public Works and Corrections. We are also a GSA (U.S. Federal Government) approved vendor (GSA contract number GS-07F-04587).

The Navy SEALs selected SteelMaster Buildings when they wanted a top-secret building to store their weapons and gear. We were able to design and deliver a secure building to fit their specific needs which required them to be able to quickly, assemble, disassemble, and relocated when needed.

Our SteelMaster team has also worked with other notable companies and agencies including Disney, 3M, Boeing, General Motors and NASA just to name a few.

SteelMaster takes great pride in producing some of the strongest structures in the industry. A huge part of our success can be easily attributed to our well-organized, professional manufacturing design team at our factory.

Factory Enhancements And Expansion Means Continuous Improvement

 Recently, SteelMaster’s factory underwent a major upgrade to keep up with increasing demand.

Our new manufacturing facility allowed for more precision machinery, additional staff members, and computerized lines to enhance our state-of-the-art engineering capabilities.

We have a centralized process that allows us to manufacture our products all in one facility. This makes everything significantly more efficient between engineering, production and distribution that guarantee more consistency, higher quality, and faster turnaround times.

We have also enhanced our automated, computer-controlled machinery, which makes our prefabrication process even more efficient and exacting.

Expanded Factory Operates At Scale To Deliver Savings

 Our recently expanded factory also has dedicated space to store additional steel reserves of coils. This gives us the opportunity to purchase large volumes of raw material at a reduced cost, and these savings are then passed on to our customers.

SteelMaster follows the strictest quality assurance standards to prevent issues during the delivery process.

Before your building is loaded onto the truck, it goes through a series of thorough inspections before it is delivered to your location.

Look for more expansion and innovation in the future as we continue to produce high-quality products that inspire creativity, economy, and longevity.

Our Factory Stands Behind Our Buildings With A 40-year Warranty

SteelMaster’s buildings have a 40 year mill backed warranty because we stand by our product and take great pride in producing some of the strongest structures in the industry.

The warranty states that any SteelMaster structure manufactured from AZM180 Galvalume Plus steel sheet will not rust within a period of 40 years after shipment of the factory due to exposure to normal atmospheric conditions.

Regular galvalume (oil coated steel) only has a 25.5 year warranty. If any arch type building company claims to have a warranty on this product for over 25.5 years, ask them to show it to you in writing.

Notice of any defects must be given in writing to the company immediately upon their discovery.

Responsibly-Sourced Steel Is Better For The Environment

Our factory is dedicated to helping build a better future with smarter steels including:

  • Steel made using more efficient processes, use less energy, and emit less carbon.
  • Steel that is cleaner, stronger and reusable.
  • Steel for electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure that will support societies as they evolve.

To achieve this, our factory makes research and development a priority by using some of the best people in the business, including engineers who work to help us tackle the most complex of problems.

So, you may be wondering…if SteelMaster uses recycled steel, will it still be as strong as freshly forged steel? The answer is, yes! Steel has the unique property of not losing strength when it’s repurposed.

Our factory primarily uses recycled steel because it’s better for the environment. For example, just one ton of recycled steel saves four cubic yards of landfill space, 76 gallons of oil or 642 kWh of electricity.

Not only is it better for the environment, but using recycled steel helps us pass along cost savings to you, the customer.


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Cary Prescott
Cary Prescott
00:13 04 Feb 22
Most helpful information and experience. I was guided through the process with all individuals in pursuing my barn. I’m... not an expert in building a barn, however I’m so confident that with the feedback and instructions from them that I will be able to assemble it without problems. I’m very pleased with their support and follow up with the completion of my barn! I’m looking forward to more feedback and support from them!read more
Don Penny
Don Penny
21:57 18 Jan 22
Who knew buying a steel building could be so easy? SteelMaster made it quick, easy and informative. All questions were... answered immediately and phone calls returned quickly. If you need a steel building I would highly recommend more
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin
15:04 11 Jan 22
Professional staff that is understanding and relatable. They were patient with me as I explored the different options... and helped me determine the best option for my needs. They walked me through the process with no surprise fees or expenses. They found me a great deal and the price they quoted was the price I paid. Awesome more
Ron Parsons
Ron Parsons
20:03 05 Jan 22
Every aspect of my purchase was outstanding. The quick response from the professional, knowledgeable, and courteous... representative to the finalization of the purchase paperwork was just the start. I was put in contact with an extremely experienced installation consultant to ensure any/all specific requirements were identified before the blueprints are sent out. Great building. Great deal. Great more
Troy Hone
Troy Hone
00:23 14 Dec 21
I requested pricing for a steel building via the website. The response was quick and helpful. The sales rep was... knowledgeable about requirements for my area and was able to get me a good quote in writing quickly.I was able to complete the purchase paperwork and finalize things within the same day I made my purchase decision.Looking forward to having my building up after things warm up next more
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