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Why Us: We Use Superior Engineering Standards To Make Superior Buildings

The design and engineering of your steel building are critical aspects to its longevity.

Our customers come to us wanting a solution that lasts several decades, and we can deliver that with our superior skills.

Our customers appreciate the emphasis, expertise, and attention to detail of their SteelMaster building, as we use the industry’s best materials.

All Steel Is NOT The Same – Better Steel, Better Buildings

When you invest in a SteelMaster building, you’ll get the most from your investment in a top-of-the-line, quality steel structure.

Three of the major factors that can determine an arch steel building’s strength are the grade, gauge of the steel, and depth of the corrugation of the steel.

The grade of the steel is the quality, which translates to strength and durability. This is as, if not more, important than the gauge.

The gauge of your steel will largely depend on your location’s snow and wind load requirements, in addition to the size of the building.

For example, if your building site is in an area with heavy snow, you will need to use a thicker gauge of steel to support the extra weight snow adds onto the structure so your building doesn’t fail.

Arch-style steel buildings typically range between 12 to 26 gauge steel, with 26 sheeting being the steel industry standard. However, SteelMaster uses no less than 22 gauge and up to 12 gauge steel, so your building will be as durable and long-lasting as possible.

For all 22 and 20 gauge panels, we use 80 grade steel panels (80,000 PSI)–the strongest in the arch steel building industry.

Other steel building companies use grade 40 or 50 grade steel panels, which is 40 to 50% weaker than our grade 80 steel panels. Those panels flex more, thus making them more difficult to install.

Your SteelMaster structure also comes with the most up-to-date hardware on the market.

Although steel is already an extremely strong material, sheets of steel can be made even stronger through corrugation in a process of making ridges and grooves in the metal. SteelMaster has designed our panels with deep corrugation of 7.5” to 9.5” depth depending on the model, which gives it super strength and durability.

We only use commercial grade bolts and self-locking, salt spray tested hex head nuts with pre recessed polyethylene washers (LDPE). This is an industrial strength plastic that won’t crack and has zero water absorption.

Other companies use a Neoprene washer which is a rubber product that can melt in hot temps, crack in cold temps and can take on water and potentially leak. The flat square nuts supplied by other arch steel building companies have no locking mechanism, which can cause bolts to loosen over time and cause the building to leak and weaken.

All SteelMaster structures, whether they are specifically manufactured to be rated green or eco-friendly, LEED certified or not, are made of at least 80 percent recycled steel.

Best Anti-Corrosive Agent On the Market – Longevity And Durability

The 55% Aluminum-43.4% Zinc and 1.6% silicon by weight Galvalume Plus coating applied on SteelMaster products provides exceptional corrosion resistance in a variety of environments.

Compared with regular galvanized steel, Galvalume can provide twice the corrosion protection, of at least 30 years before oxidation occurs in most environments, and with improved protection.

SteelMaster structures are coated with Galvalume Plus, which is supplied with the exact same metallic coating as Galvalume, but with an additional thin clear acrylic coating applied on top.

Galvalume Plus provides excellent resistance to storage and transit staining and also resists fingerprinting during handling and the assembly process.

The organic coating also serves as a dry lubricant during processing, which eliminates the need for oils that can make the surface slippery and a safety concern for workers on-site.

Plus, the acrylic coating provides a bright attractive appearance that further enhances the look of Galvalume, and extends it beyond standard treatments.

Galvalume coating (AZ55) is thinner than our AZ60/AZM180 Galvalume Plus and will not last as long or repel as much light. Galvalume (AZ55) arrives oily and will smudge, smear, fade and discolor more rapidly than Galvalume Plus.

Expert Building Specialists and Engineers – Experience To Meet Any Engineering Challenge

Established in 1982 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, SteelMaster Buildings has served over 50,000 customers from across all 50 states and over 40 countries.

SteelMaster’s team of building experts has the experience to manage a variety of engineering requirements. We will work with you every step of the way to figure out the design and specifications you need to create the steel Quonset hut you envision.

Many steel building companies only include factory blueprints or engineered plans that are not state stamped by a licensed professional engineer, thus making them not sufficient to obtain local building permits and putting at risk your structure’s ability to protect your valuables.

Other companies may charge thousands or more for blueprints following the sale of the building, if they even have the ability to produce them (which many do not).

However, every SteelMaster building comes with state stamped engineered blueprints at no up charge. These blueprints are stamped by our in-house licensed engineer and will meet all your local snow, wind and seismic load requirements with the current version of AISC, AISI, NEMA and ASTM specifications at the time of manufacturing.

Engineer For The Worst and Hope For the Best – Disaster Resistant Engineering

Technically speaking, no building company can claim that their building is 100 percent disaster proof, but our buildings are built to withstand a wide variety of environmental factors.

SteelMaster’s disaster resistant structures increase the chances that your building will survive a severe weather event intact due to the strength in their design.  Our arch system is High Velocity Hurricane Zone certified and can be designed to withstand winds over 200 miles per hour.

In addition to its super strong steel, the arch design of a Quonset hut allows for wind to evenly distribute its loads by transferring pressure to the bottom of each arch. Each arch is bolted together and overlaps to ensure maximum strength against winds. Arches are then bolted to their foundations, keeping heavy wind from infiltrating the building’s overlapping joints.

During our design process, snow loads are calculated and the hemispherical shape and steel thickness allows it to stand up to heavy snow loads. Our X-Model building is popular for locations with heavy snow because of its pitched slope makes it easier for heavy snow to slide right off. Additionally, SteelMaster has certified snow loads of 300 per square foot and greater.

Our Quonset huts are made from non-combustible steel, meaning that the steel itself won’t burn and can survive a fire. To ensure this, our steel passed a test in which it was subjected to 750°C (1382°F) controlling temperature for 15 minutes in an apparatus determined by the standard method of testing. The steel did not raise the temperature, flame or lose mass, which deemed it to be non-combustible.

LEED Certified Buildings – Eco-Friendly While Still Being Budget Friendly

LEED rating systems assess the architectural design and performance features of a building for “green and sustainable” attributes.

Due to steel’s recycled content and functional properties, building products made from our steel can be credited with the maximum number of points for the Materials & Resources Credit aspect of the LEED rating system.

Our steel building products contribute positively toward points under credits 4.1 and 4.2 of the LEED rating system:

  • Credit 4.1 (1 point) “Use materials with recycled content such that the sum of postconsumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer content constitutes at least10% (based on cost) of the total value of the materials in the project.”
  • Credit 4.2 (1 point) “Use materials with recycled content such that the sum of post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer content constitutes at least 20% of the total value of the materials in the project.”

In addition to recycled content, steel can contribute toward several other LEED credits, either directly or indirectly.

Steel is dimensionally stable and, when properly designed, can provide an exceptionally tight building envelope for less air loss and better HVAC performance over time.

Plus, our steel is made to exact specifications, so on-site waste is minimized. Any excess material from demolition or construction can be easily recycled.

William Swafford, Senior Design Specialist for SteelMaster Buildings, has received the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USCGB) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate certification.

“With my interest in all areas of green building structures and alternative green solutions, it was a conscious decision on my part to pursue the LEED course and credentials,” William said. “There may be other companies that construct what they refer to as green buildings, but I am confident SteelMaster is the only steel building company with this knowledge, experience and certification to offer our partners and customers.”

William’s qualification for program enrollment was supported by the fact that he has already designed two LEED-certified SteelMaster green buildings. The first one is World Resource Company in Taiwan, and the second is the City of Austin’s Animal Shelter in Texas.

Customer Testimonials To Our Design & Engineering Excellence

“The professionals at SteelMaster guided us through the entire project from design to permits and even worked with our county to address our particular building codes. Thanks to the SteelMaster professionals, our motor home is now protected from the weather, our family parties are better than ever and we no longer have an electric bill. We have recommended SteelMaster to our neighbors and consider ourselves part of the SteelMaster Family for life!”

–Bob & Lisa W.| Riverside, California

“We are extremely pleased with the SteelMaster Quonset building that we purchased. Everyone we spoke to at the company was insightful and helpful from the original order, to modifications of skylights and bases. We received thorough drawings and instructions for code review. Love the building and it is enduring our heavy snow Minnesota winters perfectly. As an architect, I have gotten many requests for information about it from neighbors or people who have seen it online. I have recommended SteelMaster wholeheartedly.”

–Kara H. | Togo, Minnesota

“I bought the SteelMaster S-Model building to store my haying equipment. A few days before my building was scheduled to ship I decided to increase the length. I called [my building specialist] and he worked out the details including a new certified blueprint. The building still shipped as scheduled. I would recommend SteelMaster to anyone who wants a high-quality building at a fair price.”

–Steven G. | Colmesneil, Texas


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SteelMaster Buildings
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David Frost
David Frost
20:59 30 Jun 21
Fantastic company! Straight shooters and no BS. After dealing with multiple companies that pulled the old bait and... switch for routine, sometimes doubling and nearly tripling their advertised price. It was so nice to deal with SteelMaster. They were upfront, honest and their prices were great! I’m looking forward to working with them as this project moves forwardread more
Harry Stretz
Harry Stretz
19:54 22 Jun 21
We are a previous owner of a Steel Master building. We have shopped around to see if anything is comparable to... SteelMaster. And as a combat civil engineer and have leaved in them in many parts of the world. Nothing comes close to the price for the space, easy construction and the durability of this more
Margi Leininger
Margi Leininger
19:51 16 Jun 21
The buying experience was easy and Barrett answered all my questions. He was very accommodating to my needs. Now we’ll... let you know after the Quonset is delivered and up if it is really that easy!read more
Paul Heller
Paul Heller
16:58 04 Jun 21
Did allot of searching and price shopping, these folks are great. Flexible, informative and willing to work with you. I... highly recommend this companyread more
Miller Ross
Miller Ross
16:30 04 Jun 21
What an outfit!!! They followed up on every inquiry promptly and provided constructive suggestions for our unique... Alaska building situation.Factory assembly of our package was completed as scheduled, with shipping to AK via WA resulting in no delays. SteelMaster’s communications and support are beyond compare. Attention to detail assembling the building package and bundling for shipping provides everything thing necessary, with the exception of anchor bolts, needed for most likely the most superior steel building available on today’s more
Bob Broschart
Bob Broschart
19:31 30 May 21
The sales people worked with me to get the size building I wanted for a reasonable price. Delivery of the building was... excellent with a great driver that worked with us to get the pieces unloaded. The building is nice and so far has survived a harsh winter with lots of high speed winds. I hope to get some other projects going with SteelMaster more
cascade mather
cascade mather
21:40 20 May 21
From the time I started thinking about getting a steel building to now that I’m getting ready to put the building... together, it has been a great experience!! Thank you all so much for helping me along the more
Joshua Bosworth
Joshua Bosworth
20:56 07 May 21
SteelMaster has really stepped up their game. Excellent customer service! Great follow up and communication! Proud to... have their name on my building. Thank you SteelMaster!read more
Michael Contreras
Michael Contreras
20:57 21 Apr 21
Great customer service and quality building would recommend.
Derek Ryan
Derek Ryan
11:25 08 Apr 21
We are very pleased with our Steelmaster building. This was my first time assembling one, and the quality of the... fitment is really impressive. I was skeptical of the added cost for the key way groove in the concrete slab, but now that it is completed I highly recommend it. We will definitely purchase another building from them in the more
Michael Conway
Michael Conway
14:32 27 Feb 21
This building was an good deal for the cost per square foot. Everything was included except the end walls, I chose to... build my own. I haven't built it yet due to weather but reviewing the assembly instructions it looks pretty straightforward and a helper or two and I should have it up in a weekend.Ashley and the rest of the staff were very friendly and professional. They even thought of something I didn't and called me with an add-on that was on sale. I hope to put up another in 3-5 years for another more
Willis Davis
Willis Davis
23:03 19 Feb 21
Delivery was on time, the driver was very helpful and friendly. The building was assembled easily and all parts were... there. It is being used as a shelter for cattle and does an excellent job. Am considering another one next summer for equipment storage. A great company to work with and all in all a five star more
Charles Wilkerson
Charles Wilkerson
16:36 05 Feb 21
I received my building yesterday and I have to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Working through the process from ordering to... receiving the building has been above and beyond any expectations I had. Every step of the way has been professional, clear and informative. I was never left feeling that I didn't know what was going on. I was kept informed throughout the entire process and any questions I had were answered immediately. Many thumbs up to both STEELMASTER and Campbell Transportation!I highly recommend SteelMaster Buildings and their entire crewread more
Cyd Patterson
Cyd Patterson
18:25 20 Aug 20
Steel Master Buildings came through for us. We ordered a building (16x14) open ended and about half way through the... process, we ran into problems with conflicting data from our county regarding snow load. After our conversations with the company, they were able to make acceptable design changes that would get the building into compliance. SMB stuck with the process and got it done and that says a great deal about their customer service, I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for this type of building.M. PattersonWashington Stateread more
lori christopher
lori christopher
15:53 16 Mar 20
We purchased a 10' x 20' building for storage and a covered place for our quad. The purchasing experience was easy and... informative. Customer service has been very helpful all throughout the purchase and build. I'm 60 and my son and I put it together by ourselves!! It was relatively easy and the result has exceeded our expectations. We'd highly recommend a SteelMaster building to anyone, great product! Lori C in Washington Stateread more
Kevin L
Kevin L
05:37 16 Mar 20
Everything started with great response time and answers to questions about the building. Any time I had a question I... could email the representative and I always received a timely and thorough response. I have not had a chance to put up the building yet so I cannot comment on difficulty or ease of building it. I was given a list of people in my area who I could and did contact about their process. I even went to see one person’s building and got a great walk through and recommendations for building mine when the time comes. The gentleman I contacted stated that putting up the building has it’s challenges but until I can get the money for the concrete pad and rental equipment I won’t know. My only complaint but this is from a very, very limited knowledge is that it seemed like the company was always trying to up sell something else each time they contacted me to see how things were going even after I told them I couldn’t afford to put up the building at this time. Otherwise, everything up to now has been very more
Rebecca Zolla
Rebecca Zolla
12:21 15 Mar 20
Great quality materials. We have had the structure up through the first winter, with snow and wind and it has done it's... job great with no issues. Make sure that you have a few people there to help with the construction, you could do it with two, but 4 is best for speed and simplicity. Overall great product and would recommend to more
Robben Kadish
Robben Kadish
01:26 13 Mar 20
Steel master not only had a large selection and wide variety of buildings their staff from sale to after sales was... fantastic. I had trouble with my local permitting office over the placement of the building, my after sales representative was very helpful in getting me a change in blueprints. Even now more than a year later they are contacting me, not to sell me anything but to ensure that I am enjoying my building. The building itself is extremely durable and strong, better than any stick build barn I could have more
Tommy G
Tommy G
23:41 12 Mar 20
We cannot say enough positives about the Steelmaster Quonset we built.The product quality was outstanding.But the... Sales and following Customer Service were there 100%.We purchased our building as our home, though we didn’t plan to build until about 4 years later!Ryan Alan gave us great suggestions which are reflected in our design! He was a great hand holder always.Richard Merrill made himself available for any questions even 5 years later!!read more
Erik Miller
Erik Miller
20:21 12 Mar 20
Steel Master Buildings make a great product! Up for 3years now and perfect as it was on day 1! Purchased a Q-model... 22x20 with 14' ceilings. quick ship and amazing customer service. I had to add additional length after the purchase and they got it right and shipped it quick! very professional, love my Quonset!read more
Alan Appleby
Alan Appleby
19:43 12 Mar 20
Sales was very professional through the purchase process. All representations by sales and the installation /delivery... agents were transparent and gave us a great insight to the installation. The team resolved several cost and installation issues from experience they were able to convey to us. Delivery from the factory was on time as scheduled and the driver was very knowledgeable of the load - greatly facilitating our receipt! Love my building!read more
Pete Nixon
Pete Nixon
23:52 05 Feb 20
Sales was very patient and helpful through the investigation and purchase process. The company was good to its word in... the promises and representations made by Sales. No gotchas! The after-sale followup was great - they seemed to anticipate what I would need to take delivery and actually erect the building. Delivery from the factory in Canada was flawless and painless. Customer service for erecting the building was a little spotty but I can't say it was anything they did wrong; mostly it was my impatience, particularly over the Thanksgiving and December holidays. I would have to say they are reliable and responsive and truly want customers to be satisfied with the entire experience. The product itself is excellent; everything fits exactly as it should, if directions are followed. I am very confident in the long-term durability of the more
Geno Arriola
Geno Arriola
19:31 24 Jan 20
SteelMaster makes an excellent product for where I live in the state of Hawaii. All buildings are engineered to the... year round weather environment patterns of you location. Great customer service and good delivery time of product right to your on site building location. I highly recommend SteelMaster Buildings for all of your storage, garage, workshop or custom home dwelling needs. SteelMaster Company can custom make pretty much any size and type buildings to meet your needs.Geno ArriolaBig Island Hawaiiread more
22:09 26 Jun 19
SteelMaster was great to work with. Very helpful and very professional. They worked with us to help create a unique... custom house for my parents. I highly recommend them!read more
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