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The Stories Behind the 2023 SteelMaster Buildings Calendar

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Each year, we create a calendar that displays projects with a wide variety of applications. In this post, we’ll give you more information about photos featured in the 2023 edition of the SteelMaster Buildings calendar.

Many of the photos featured this year were submitted through our 2022 Photo Contest. We plan on holding another contest in 2023, so start getting your cameras out and snapping your best photos and videos — your building could be featured in our 2024 calendar!  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

 Cover — House | Carpendale, West Virginia



The beautiful blue sky makes the perfect background to the arches of this SteelMaster customer’s home.

SteelMaster customer Robert M. purchased a S-Model 20’W X 14’H X 24’L.

We chose this photo for the cover because it emulates our product; strong, durable steel. Our structures have 100 percent usable space, providing plenty of storage and each building is specifically engineered to endure the harshest weather conditions.

January — Garage | Joshua Tree, California  

Interior of steel music studio

Bobby Furst is a longtime SteelMaster customer; in fact, he has built a Quonset-Topia on his property in Joshua Tree. He contacted SteelMaster when he needed a space for his music equipment.

The space is complete with a skylight in the arches that brings in plenty of natural light.

“I like the industrial look of them, and I also love their shape,” says Furst, referring to the crescent moon contours of the buildings. “I met with some local artists who own SteelMaster buildings before I decided to buy from the company, and I knew then it was what I wanted.”

February — Container Cover | Charleston, South Carolina

jeep in front of steel container cover

This SteelMaster roof is used to protect the team members at HIMALAYA 4X4, from the elements while they work on Land Rovers.

“It gets hot here so it’s key to get the guys out of the sun and keeps the trucks out of the elements,” Greg explained.

The owner states the covers provide functionality and design to their business.

“It looks great and is functional. The way our business is growing we needed something fast. A traditional building would have taken too long to build and we’re bursting at the seams, so it was a great solution,” Greg said.

March — RV Storage | Cornville, Arizona


A-Model steel shed

Rainbows, much like A-Model Quonset huts, are known for their perfect arches.

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, which has been associated with rainbows ever since the fable that Leprechauns hide their gold at the bottom.

Due to the curved arch of the A-model, this garage almost takes the shape of a rainbow. And better yet, a rainbow sits behind it, making it the perfect photo to represent March.

April — Shed | Jenson Beach, Florida

S-Model custom shed

Our customers utilize their buildings for all sorts of functions. This customer transformed a quonset shed into an athletic facility. After erecting the arches, Julie S. transformed the building by adding custom, colorful endwalls.

May — Shellfish Hatchery | Sea Level, North Carolina

S-Model shellfish hatchery

 In 2021, The Morris Shellfish Hatchery endured a fire, which destroyed their hatchery. The owner, Jimmy Morris, knew they needed a more resilient building.

“We were searching for a more resilient construction option for us. We knew we wanted to have a building that could withstand high winds from hurricanes,” James said.

They went with an S-model as they were drawn to the height; therefore, they could create two levels to maximize the space.

June — Utility Building | Riverton, Missouri


3 large S-Model steel buildings

No matter the size of a project, SteelMaster’s building specialists can design buildings for any purpose. Liberty Utilities uses their buildings on their property for storage.

These three buildings are R-Models, 25’W X 9’H X 40’L with 14’x12’ on front end walls, separated by shipping containers.

July — D-Day Memorial | Bedford, Virginia


2 Quonsets painted green

July 4th is our Nation’s Independence Day, which is why we chose this patriotic photo to represent this month.

This Quonset hut at the D-Day memorial will be used for educational purposes and display artifacts.

“This is a critical addition to the Memorial and a timely one as we approach the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Our veterans will see first-hand that our mission continues,” said April Cheek-Messier.

August — Home | Lake County, California

2 steel S-Model cabins

Who doesn’t want to take a vacation in August?  This stunning Quonset home is the epitome of serenity, which is why we chose it for this month.

The building specialists at SteelMaster can assist in all custom projects, which is exactly what they did with Todd H. and his partner.

“We’re used to doing things custom,” says Hosfelt. “We’re willing to take chances and be experimental and are not interested in the conventional.” 

The home provides a bathroom, sleeping loft, and primary bedroom. All of which have rolling barn doors that open completely to the deck, bringing in plenty of fresh air.

September — Equipment Storage | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

large steel building

SteelMaster buildings can be used for almost any purpose, residential or commercial. 

They are popular for commercial use due to their size, structure, and durability. 

The Philadelphia water Department utilizes three units for equipment storage. They are XS-Models, 50’W X 18’H X 80’L with 14’x14’ sliding doors on each end. 

An employee captured this gorgeous photo at sunset.

October — Garage | Esmont, Virginia


S-Model custom garage

SteelMaster customer Emily B. called in looking for a garage to match the exterior of her home.

Emily went with local materials to make her custom end wall, including the windows and lighting. 

The building specialist on the project said, “We have some of the most creative customers in the world. Watching them take just the shell of our structures and framing their end walls and making it their own is such a cool experience to see.”

November — Hotel | Austin, Texas

picnic table under steel arches

This Austin Hotel prides itself on being an open-air hotel. Not only does each room have its own terrace, but they also have an outdoor pool, and an event space known as the “Q-Hut.”

Erin Corrigan, a marketing representative for The Carpenter Hotel, says the hotel gets a lot of use out of the 30’ wide, 32‘long and 15’ high SteelMaster Quonset hut.

“It’s a shady spot for you to enjoy coffee or work on a laptop while still enjoying birdsong and that fresh air.”

The Q-hut’s clear span design allows 100 percent usable space, allowing the hotel to use the structure in many ways.

December — Home | Tucson, Arizona


Custom q-model home

December is the merriest time of year, from celebrating the holidays and spending time with family.

Tim P. and his wife made sure to bring the season of giving to their home.

Tim. P is a retired contractor who acquired this property, and needed the building to build his dream home.

Now, he takes pride in decorating his home for the holidays.