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The Stories Behind the 2022 SteelMaster Buildings Calendar

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Each year, we create a calendar that displays projects with a wide variety of applications. In this post, we’ll give you more information about photos featured in the 2022 edition of the SteelMaster Buildings calendar.

Many of the photos featured this year were submitted through our 2021 Photo Contest. We plan on holding another contest in 2022, so start getting your cameras out and snapping your best photos and videos — your building could be featured in our 2023 calendar!  Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for updates.

Cover — Agricultural Storage | Rawlins, Wyoming

2022 calendar cover

The cover of our 2021 calendar begins with a photo of customer Lorna M.’s agricultural storage building in Wyoming. Customers from all over the country protect their harvest and expensive farm equipment inside of our durable metal Quonset huts. Our structures have 100 percent usable space, providing plenty of storage and each building is specifically engineered to endure the harshest weather conditions.

January — Shed | Whittier, Alaska

S-Model shed in the snow

Though this shed is small, it’s tough enough to meet Alaska’s heavy snow loads! In fact, hundreds of customers in Alaska have trusted SteelMaster’s experienced design specialists to help them find a building that meets their size, budget, and area load requirements.

February — Amphitheater Stage Canopy| Detroit, Michigan

Custom steel roofing system

This SteelMaster roof is used to cover Tangent Gallery’s outdoor amphitheater and stage. Light illuminates the arches with different colors during performances, creating a unique place for bands and DJs to perform.

March — Tractor Storage | Palmyra, Virginia

Green tractor in a S-Model shed

March is National Agriculture Month, which recognizes the vital role agriculture plays across the country and in our local communities. We thought this photo was a perfect representation of how those in the agriculture business use our buildings! The 100 percent usable space of a Quonset hut allows plenty of room to store large equipment and produce.

April — Shed | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

S-Model shed with custom end wall

No matter the size, SteelMaster’s building specialists can design a metal shed for any purpose. Customer Robert M. uses his 10′ X 12′ backyard shed for lawn care storage.

May — Outdoor Venue | Austin, Texas

Q-Model open ended quonset

In addition to a restaurant, café and other amenities, The Carpenter Hotel in Austin, Texas has a hidden gem near their outdoor pool: an event space known as the Q-Hut. The hotel’s website describes the Q-Hut as “part pool cabana, part outdoor courtyard pavilion. A nice place to throw a party.” Designers chose the classic Q-Model shape to honor Carpenters Union Hall and its postwar building, along with the neighborhood the hotel is located in.

June — Home | Asheboro, North Carolina

Q-Model Quonset home

As we approach the summer, we are taken to Hope S. and her husband’s home in North Carolina. The couple initially purchased a SteelMaster Quonset hut to use as a barn, but later decided to turn it into their dream home. Hope won second place in our 2021 photo contest.

“We’ve had people just pull in our driveway and ask to take a picture of our house. We’ve had people stop off the street and ask us about it,” Hope said. “They want to know how we put it together, how hard it was, and how we had to go about it.”

July — Awning | Houston, Texas

Custom steel roofing system

July brings us to M-K-T Heights, a bustling retail, dining, and office space in Houston, Texas. M-K-T Heights transformed the previous 200,000 square feet of industrial buildings with creative and quirky designs. Part of the transformation includes SteelMaster Quonset hut awnings that welcome visitors into the building.

August — Garage | Joshua Tree, California

S-Model shed in the desert

We chose a photo of a garage in Joshua Tree, California for the month of August. SteelMaster has done many projects in Joshua Tree, including many of the buildings on local artist Bobby Furst’s property and art exhibit, Furstwurld.

September — Apartment Complex | Detroit, Michigan

Side view of steel Quonset with multiple windows

Photographer Jason Keen captured a couple relaxing on the deck at ‘Caterpillar.’ The Quonset hut housing project was created by Prince Concepts, the real estate development company behind the award-winning Quonset hut village ‘True North.’

The Caterpillar has six special residential units and two live/work units in one large 46’ x 192’ SteelMaster Q-Model hut. The structure won a 2021 Architizer A+Product Award for Best in Facades.

October — Brewery/Winery | Geneva, New York

Interior of steel brewery

This photo was taken by a customer enjoying a flight of beer at Three Brothers Wineries and Estates. Three Brothers installed their “War Horse Brewing Hangar” in Fall of 2021. Connected to the War Horse Brewing Company tasting room, the hangar provides additional seating to enjoy flights and pints. Three Brothers plans on decorating the inside with a full War Horse theme in 2022.

November — Storage | Naples, Florida

Army truck inside a S-Model quonset

A SteelMaster building can store almost anything–cars, boats, tools…and even U.S. Army trucks! Customer Robert L. keeps his truck protected from the elements with his open ended 12′ X 16′ S-Model building.

December — Art Studio | Wrightwood, California

Q-Model art studio

David S. and his wife purchased a Quonset hut to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing art studio for glassblowing, woodcarving, and more!

“I had a choice of what design to do and I like the traditional [Q-Model design], which is like a rainbow. It’s such a neat shape,” he said. “Even though it’s an industrial shape it’s a very natural form, and that appeals to me more than models with the flatter sides. I’m sure they are functional in different ways, but that half-circle is really sweet.”