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The Stories Behind the 2021 SteelMaster Buildings Calendar Photos

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Each year, we create a calendar that displays projects with a wide variety of applications. In this post, we’ll give you more information about photos featured in the 2021 edition of the SteelMaster Buildings calendar.

Many of the photos featured this year were submitted through our 2020 Photo Contest. We plan on holding another contest in 2021, so start getting your cameras out and snapping your best photos and videos — your building could be featured in our 2022 calendar!  Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for updates.

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Cover – Agriculture Storage/Restaurant | Jacksonville, Florida2021 Calendar cover

The cover of our 2021 calendar is a beautiful photo of the SteelMaster Quonset hut at Congaree and Penn, a farm in Jacksonville, Florida. The building was initially used only for agricultural storage but was converted over the last six years to include a restaurant and dining area.

January – Agriculture Storage/Restaurant | Jacksonville, Florida

Large steel building with recessed end wall

Our calendar begins with a photo of Congaree and Penn’s SteelMaster building at night. Farmer and founder Scott Meyer found SteelMaster through an online web search and saw photos of the projects designed by our building specialists and like the unique architectural aesthetic of Quonset huts.

“We started communicating with [Senior Design Specialist] William Swafford and everything seemed to run pretty smoothly throughout the process,” Scott said.

February – Hops Processing Facility | Yakima Valley, Washington

Aerial view of farm with multiple Quonsets

Carpenter Ranches is a hops farm that uses two large SteelMaster buildings as processing facilities. 

As the craft brewing industry started to grow and the demand for higher quality products increased, the Carpenters decided to replace their older hop drying facilities with brand new SteelMaster Quonset Huts.

According to Rick Rinehold with Carpenter Ranches, the new Quonset Hut facilities have proven to be very efficient at drying hops quickly over the past year. Read more about this project by clicking here.

 March – Picnic Pavillion | Schuyler, Virginia

Steel roofing system over picnic tables

The Quarry Gardens at Schuyler chose a SteelMaster roofing system to use for their picnic pavilion.

They chose a prefabricated arch-style roof to match their visitors center building, which is an older Quonset hut made by a company no longer in business.

April – Dispensary | Coachella Valley, California

Q-Model Quonset with recessed front end wall

The Lighthouse, a cannabis dispensary, is one out of five structures purchased by Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The dispensary is most busy during the festival but is open year-round.

This is another great example of how the SteelMaster system can be used as an alternative to conventional retail space.

May – Apartment/Housing | Detroit, Michigan

Aerial view of large Quonset

Prince Concepts, the real estate development company behind the award-winning Quonset hut village ‘True North,’ created its second Quonset hut housing project called ‘The Caterpillar’.

The Caterpillar has six special residential units and two live/work units in one large 46’ x 192’ SteelMaster Q-Model hut.

June – Office/House | Bend, Oregon

S-Model workshop

Steel Hut Concepts is a Design + Build company based in central Oregon that specializes in custom Quonset huts including residential buildings, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and agricultural buildings.

Company owner Marie Goebel first discovered the magic of Quonsets when she visited Furstworld, artist Bobby Furst’s SteelMaster Quonset hut art studio space and workshop in Joshua Tree, California.

Marie, who is a fine artist and received her Master of Fine arts from Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in Portland, went on to design a 1,500 square foot hut for her property in Joshua Tree.

From there, Marie had the opportunity to help consult people on their Quonset builds and started Steel Hut Concepts to help clients navigate their Quonset hut journey.

So far, she says she’s seen a lot of interest from people looking for alternative building solutions.

July – NASA Rocket Transport Cover | Kennedy Space Center, Florida

NASA Rocket

NASA’s Pegasus barge is used to ferry the agency’s largest rocket stage in the world, the Space Launch System (SLS), from the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans to other NASA centers for testing and launches.

A massive, 50′ x 310′ SteelMaster S-Model Quonset hut covers the barge to protect the SLS during transport.

The first core rocket stage for NASA’s Artemis program was loaded on the Pegasus barge on January 8, 2020, for delivery to NASA’s Stennis Space Center.

The core stage will provide more than 2 million pounds of thrust to help power the first Artemis mission to the Moon. It will then be shipped to NASA’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, for the core stage Green Run test series.

After Green Run, the barge will carry the core stage flight hardware to Kennedy Space Center in Florida for launch preparations.

August – Tasting Room/Office/Barrel Room | Elgin, Arizona

Large Quonset on farm

This 90-foot long building is similar to “The Caterpillar” design, but with fewer side openings. The building is used as a tasting room, office and barrel room.

For this project, SteelMaster Project Manager Greg Broderick worked with architect Tommy Suchart of Chen + Suchart Studio, who are known for their award-winning designs in Arizona.

“The endwall is pushed in a little bit, which made this really unique because it is challenging when wind and other elements get into that area,” Greg said.

September – Outdoor Entertainment Area | Medina, Texas

Open ended Quonset over picnic table

SteelMaster customer Danelle B. was looking for an outdoor pavilion to protect her from the heat from the sun at her property in central Texas.

Danelle came across SteelMaster’s website while she was researching Quonset huts. She ended up purchasing a 20’ by 20’ Q-Model from SteelMaster and says the team was very attentive throughout the process.

Overall, Danelle says she’s happy with the finished shade pavilion, which has a kitchen area, a picnic table and strings of lights hung up on the inside.

October – Agricultural Storage/Restaurant | Jacksonville, Florida

Large Quonset with multiple tables underneath

Congaree and Penn proves to be picture perfect yet again in our October calendar photo! This time we get a closer glimpse at the dining area of the building. 

Over the last six years, Congaree and Penn worked to include a restaurant and dining area to their SteelMaster building.

“We ended up adding on an extra 32 feet of arches, which is now used as a covered patio area for dining and events and things like that. Then we built an open-air patio off of the whole building as well.”

November – Storage Sheds | Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah

2 S-Model sheds painted camouflage
In honor of Veterans Day, we chose these two storage buildings that were painted camouflage. The sheds are used to store ATVs, side by sides, and tools.

The owner says both buildings have been spray insulated to regulate the temperature throughout the year.

December – Storage | Mammoth Falls, California

Multiple Quonsets in the snow

The Mammoth County Water District provides water and wastewater services to about 3,500 residents in Mammoth Falls, California. They built three Quonset hut-style buildings, but two of the steel storage buildings collapsed under the weight of heavy snow.

They came to SteelMaster to purchase two new and improved steel storage buildings. One is an XQ 30’w x 14’h x 40’l and the other is an XQ 40’w x 16’h x 66’l. SteelMaster’s structures are normally made with 22-gauge steel, but MCWD’s needs required something a bit stronger to prevent a repeat of what happened to the other two buildings.

The smaller building is a mixture of 14-gauge steel, which is used on every other arch. The larger building is made of pure 12-gauge steel throughout the entire design.

If you’re a SteelMaster customer interested in receiving a physical copy of this year’s calendar, simply share your story in an online review about your positive experience with us through the Better Business Bureau’s website and Google Reviews. You’ll also receive a complimentary SteelMaster polo shirt and a baseball “trucker” hat.