What’s the SteelMaster Difference?

Why do customers from all around the world keep choosing SteelMaster Buildings as their Quonset Hut provider of choice?  

That answer can be summed up in two words: Quality Products.  

We work extremely hard to provide excellent customer service and we always have amazing deals, but those are not the main reasons why customers keep coming back; it’s the SteelMaster difference that sets us apart from other steel building companies.  

What’s the SteelMaster Difference?  

SteelMaster has been a leader when it comes to producing some of the best quality steel products on the market.  

We took the classic design of the arch, combined it with high-quality, commercial grade steel and created several steel models to fit everyone’s needs.   

How Did It All Start 

The Quonset Hut is not a new concept. This design started from the Nissen Hut, which was created in England during World War I. This unusual, round shaped building then became even more popular in 1941 during World War II.  

Navy officials requested a special kind of structure that was lightweight, easy to ship, and simple enough to be assembled without expertise or expensive tools.  

The first hut in America was built at the Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center at Quonset Point, Rhode Island. They were used as barracks, latrines, offices, medical facilities and isolation wards.  

SteelMaster took this concept, combined it with modern innovation and we have been able to produce some of the most durable, versatile steel buildings on the market.  

Why Are SteelMaster’s Buildings Better?  

Our Quonset Huts come with a number of great benefits, but one of the most noticeable differences is in the quality of the steel itself.   

Our standard models come in at least 22 gauge steel that is corrugated and prefabricated at our state-of-the art, newly renovated factory. If a thicker gauge is necessary depending on local building codes, SteelMaster is able to easily comply.  

These custom steel panels are then covered in a special coating called Galvalume Plus, which helps to protect the steel.  

It also makes the steel even more energy efficient. Galvalume Plus reflects sunlight, which helps to keep the building cooler during summer months, and it also prevents heat from escaping easily during the winter.  

Our steel arches are also built tough enough to survive some of the strongest weather events.  

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset Huts have survived dangerous tornadoes, category 5 hurricanes, earthquakes, severe hail storms and blizzards.  

While more traditional buildings are vulnerable during severe weather, SteelMaster’s Quonset Huts are built to survive just about anything.  

What’s the Secret?  

The secret is the combined strength of our steel with the classic arch design.  

While other buildings may suffer a roof collapse caused by heavy loads or pressure from extremely strong winds, our buildings are designed to endure it all. The arch design is one continuous curve which evenly distributes pressure from the outside of the building down to the foundation.   

During dangerous hurricanes or tornadoes, often times debris can easily become flying projectiles and can pierce through walls putting occupants and items in danger inside. SteelMaster’s corrugated steel panels are strong enough to stand against such force, even at 100mph! 

Our Quonset Huts are also huge money savers when it comes to long-term maintenance costs.  

The Galvalume Plus coating is not just visually pleasing and environmentally friendly, it also helps to significantly reduce energy costs down the road.  

Unless you choose to do so, you don’t have to paint the building or spend a ton of money replacing the arches. Just dampen a cloth and use a bit of soap to wipe down the steel arches. 

Another great benefit of SteelMaster’s arches is the versatility.  

If you have a specific design in mind, SteelMaster’s buildings can be customized to accommodate any concept.  

You can use our steel panels to create garages, workshops, sheds, and even houses. The possibilities are endless!  

SteelMaster can take the design of your dreams and make it a reality; we have a model to fit your needs and knowledgeable teams who can guide you through the entire process.