steel canopies and awnings

Metal Canopies and Steel Awnings for Cover and Shade

When you’re looking for superior protection from the sun and weather with a modern touch, adding a SteelMaster prefabricated steel canopy can provide the look and quality that you desire.

Our canopy buildings have been used in a variety of ways including providing shade over picnic areas to protecting valuable industrial equipment.

SteelMaster’s industrial awnings are manufactured to perfection. They are made with high quality, commercial strength steel that is engineered to withstand some of the harshest conditions. Our prefab awnings have survived hurricanes, tornadoes, vicious hail storms and even heavy snow loads.

In addition, our industrial metal canopies and awnings feature an arch design that will securely protect all valuable assets stored beneath your it all while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The strength of this arch system also allows our canopies and awnings to be as big or as small as necessary.

SteelMaster’s industrial canopies are particularly well-suited as aircraft awnings. Their clear span design provides maximum usable space while also keeping your airplane out of the elements. SteelMaster aircraft awnings also make excellent spaces for sites located in warmer climates.

Two business owners came to SteelMaster when they wanted to add a modern touch to their exquisite vineyards.  They wanted something that would be durable, economical with a modern look feel. One vineyard owner wanted a SteelMaster specifically because of the corrugation of the arches. This matched the look of the siding of her existing structures.

If you need commercial or industrial canopies and awnings, you need a SteelMaster metal canopy kit.

Whether you’re planning a simple project, require a unique application for a building canopy, or need a design that requires additional support from an architect or engineer, count on SteelMaster’s many years of steel building experience to solve your design challenges.

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