Meet the SteelMaster Team: Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews has worked at SteelMaster for nearly a decade and is currently a National Sales Manager.

He has sold many different types of buildings to customers and is one of the “go-to” representatives for Quonset hut home projects.

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In addition to connecting with customers across the United States, Scott loves the education aspect of his job.

“We sell buildings for everything, if you can imagine it, you can sell it. I’ve learned so much outside of steel buildings, just learning more about people and where they live.”

Scott also enjoys the supportive, “family atmosphere” of working at SteelMaster.

“At SteelMaster, you get support from every direction. It’s a family. I can’t remember going to anybody in the office and asking a question and not getting help.”

See the list below for some of the projects he’s worked on during his time at SteelMaster.

q model quonset home with wood panel front wall

Thomas & Kim W. – Missouri

XQ-Model, 51W’ X 22’H X 40’L

Among all of the unique houses and architecture on a large recreational lake in the Midwest, you’ll find Tom and Kim’s SteelMaster Quonset hut lake home. 

Inspired by Quonset hut houses on the internet, the couple contacted SteelMaster Buildings and began working with Scott on their dream home.

“This is probably the best relationship I’ve had with any customer,” Scott said. “They did a lot of the work themselves and hired Amish contractors to put their buildings up. 

After enlisting the help of an architect to design their home, Tom and Kim began construction of their home in the fall of 2017. 

The couple ran into a few problems and had to reduce the size of their building to a 51′ x 40′. However, they say Scott and SteelMaster were very supportive throughout the entire process.
“SteelMaster was great when we were having trouble,” Tom said.

Scott has helped many customers with their Quonset hut home projects during his time at SteelMaster. One of the things he says is important in selling a Quonset hut home is to listen to the customer. 

“With homes, you have to slow down. You have to make sure you get all of the details from the client,” he said. 

Many people love the idea of using a Quonset hut as a home, but they don’t know how complex the project can be. Scott says he has four main things people should consider before purchasing a Quonset hut home:

  • Be sure you like the look of the building
  • Research the total cost of building a Quonset hut home including but not limited to: property, foundation, assembly and interior construction
  • Purchase or have plans to purchase property to build your Quonset hut home
  • Do your due diligence with your county to see if they will allow you to build a Quonset hut home in your area

“Over the years I’ve realized what questions I should ask on the front end to see if a Quonset hut home is the best fit for someone,” Scott said.


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various abstract quonset style buildings and steel features

Mark W. – Smiths Grove, Kentucky

R-Model, 20’W X 1.8’H X 14’L

One of Scott’s most memorable projects is Mark Whitley’s workshop. 

Mark is an award-winning artist and musician. When he’s not spending time with family or working on music, Mark spends hours in his shop creating some of the most spectacular wooden masterpieces. 

“He’s an unbelievably talented person,” Scott said. “He uses the workshop for drying wood for his furniture making and he built his own wooden endwalls.”

In addition to building special wooden endwalls, Mark installed wooden floors to allow adequate airflow in the building to dry the wood properly. 

His futuristic wooden furniture has earned him several awards, national recognition, and his work is also featured in the Joe Downing Museum in Kentucky.

Mark creates what he calls “functional art” for people who are looking for woodwork with that whimsical touch. He handcrafts beautiful tables, cabinets, chairs, and beautiful wooden works of art.

Scott says he’s honored that Mark trusts him and SteelMaster enough to be a repeat customer. He owns two other SteelMaster structures: a carport for his ‘76 Volkswagen van and a steel awning for his home.

Bruce W. – Stanley, New Mexico

A-Model, 25’W X 13’H X 34’L

No matter where you are on earth, you can wake up to a new, mind-blowing image of another world billions and billions of light years away courtesy of Deep Sky West, a remote astronomical imaging observatory in New Mexico.

This building, a 25 x 34 corrugated SteelMaster A-model, literally has a mind of its own. It was built on a railing system and is controlled by an electric motor designed to move the entire building! It is connected to weather stations and if the conditions are just right, the building will automatically slide back exposing the high-powered telescopes inside.

This is the dreamchild of Star farmers Bruce Wright and his partner Lloyd Smith. They wanted to create a way to give average astrophotographers the opportunity to capture quality photos without having to go beyond their budgets to do so.

Wright says he shopped around initially and spoke to another company about his project. “It just didn’t feel right,” says Wright.

But when he spoke with Scott, the experience was much different.

“Scott was the most genuine and easy to talk to guy. He bent over backwards to help us,” says Wright.

Scott kept in touch with him throughout the process and went the extra mile to make sure he received his building on time. “You always want to do business with people you trust,” Wright explained.

Wright says not only did the top-notch customer service persuade him to choose SteelMaster, but the quality of the building was also unmatched. He was particularly impressed with the fact that SteelMaster’s buildings are fireproof, do not require maintenance, and are easily expandable.

quonset building with two parts and carport, stone front walls

Erman A. – Youngstown, Ohio

XQ-Model, 70’W X 24’H X 71’L & XQ-Model, 50’W X 17’H X 41’L & Carport, 12’W X 8’H X 50’L 

Erman purchased two SteelMaster buildings and a carport after a fire destroyed his property.

“Erman did just about this entire project by himself,” Scott said. “I sold him one carport and he split it up to make it work the way he wanted to.”

While SteelMaster’s prefabricated building kits are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, it’s very rare to see someone do a majority of the project by themselves.

“He was not going to do anything without a wow factor. It’s amazing that a DIYer can make a home look just like an architect designed it,” Scott said. “He asked fewer questions than most people.”

When working with home clients, Scott says it’s crucial to remember they are entrusting you with not only their valuables but their lives.

“You’re doing more than just selling a building, you’re serving these people. They’re going to live in this building.”

s model quonset building with white front end and garage doors

Raymond A. – Morriston, Florida

XS-Model, 45’W X 21’H X 75’L

“This was probably the coolest hangar I’ve ever sold,” Scott said. 

Scott spent a lot of time with Construction Consultant Rich Merrill to work on Raymond’s project to make sure it met the 140 mile per hour wind loads in his county. 

“Raymond is a pilot, so he was very technical and understood a lot of the terminology we used for his hangar project,” Scott said.

Scott says building relationships with customers is important to him. 

“These people trust you with their time and money, you have to give them your best and not do anything halfway,” Scott said. “I have customers where I pick up the phone to check in and have a conversation with them and it’s seamless.”

a model quonset style 2 car garage with panel front wall

Larry M. – Palm Bay, Florida

A-Model, 25’W X 13’H X 26’L

Larry M. and his wife initially discussed purchasing a 16’ wide S-Model building, but they had a change of plans and wanted to expand their building.

“Larry’s wife called me and said, ‘Scott, my husband has always wanted a candy apple red truck. I found one fully restored and bought it for him. I need a bigger building.’”

Scott says it’s easy to make adjustments to a customer’s building before it’s delivered, within reason. 

“We usually are able to make the building bigger as long as it is before it gets scheduled on a load for delivery,” he said.

If a customer already has a building delivered, they have the opportunity to buy individual 2’ arches to expand their building’s size. 

The couple also appreciated the fact that they were able to match their custom endwalls to their home.

a model quonset style 2 car garage with stone front wall

Barry P. – Smyrna, Tennessee

XA-Model, 40’W X 18’H X 41’L

“I worked with Barry probably on and off for two years. This is the first XA model I’ve ever sold in this size,” Scott said. 

Barry put the building and endwalls up by himself. He used brick endwalls to match his home.

“He told me I’d be impressed with the building and he was right,” Scott said. “That’s an impressive-looking building!”

One of Scott’s favorite parts of his job is receiving pictures from customers like Barry.

“I’m wowed by it, especially the houses. I never stop being impressed. Oftentimes it’s the first time they do a project like this and they make it look amazing.

The endwalls of a Quonset hut are non-load bearing, which means they don’t structurally support the building. This allows customers the freedom to design their own endwalls or purchase steel endwalls from SteelMaster.

“We can certainly sell you the steel endwalls, but if you or anyone in your circle have the skillset to build your own, you can have endwalls that look impressive for the same if not less money,” Scott explained.

quonset home in middle of forest with steel roofing and arches on half of building

Kenneth S. – Burnsville, North Carolina

T-Model – 16’W X 15’H X 34’L

Kenneth S.’s T-Model roof for his home is one of the smallest SteelMaster has ever sold. 

“With the larger T-Models, the design is more complex and we have to run it through the factory. But because this one is so small, the engineering wasn’t too complicated,” Scott said.

Kenneth, who studied under a pottery maker, used poplar bark wood shingles and took a torch to them to give them character. He then applied a water resistant coating on them.

Scott says T-Models are more common with commercial applications than residential applications.

“If someone is going to get a T-Model, you have to make sure they can see it through to the finish. I’d never want to sell something to someone who can’t put up their building,” he said.

q model quonset building with large garage door and front door

Jesse S. – Wasco, Oregon

Q-Model, 40’W X 18’H X 60’L

SteelMaster customer Jesse S. uses his building for agricultural storage.

“The model he purchased isn’t standard anymore but we can certainly make it,” Scott said.

One of the things that stood out the most to Scott about this project is the building’s endwalls, which are covered in PBR panels. PBR panels, or Purlin Bearing Rib panels, are ribbed panels that attach across the rafter of a straight wall metal building to create the roof of the structure.

“Jesse flashed a man door and a garage door into the PBR panels. You have to be very skilled to do that so that it doesn’t leak because the panels are 26 gauge metal, whereas our endwalls are 22 gauge.”

When Scott tells customers they have the option to build their own endwalls, he makes sure to ask them if they or someone they know has the skillset to build their own endwalls. 

“For the people who have the skills like Jesse, it’s typically not a problem. For those who don’t, they would have to hire someone,” Scott said. 

s model quonset garage with white front door, blue front wall

Todd M. – Wendell, North Carolina

S-Model, 40’W X 16’H X 38’L

“Todd was a WWII veteran and was familiar with our buildings, he knew how tough they can be,” Scott said. 

Todd, who was in his eighties when he purchased his building, uses his Quonset hut to store his tools and had someone assemble his building for him. 

“I think what this project teaches people is that you’re never too old to get a SteelMaster,” Scott said. 

Scott says he loves rounding up pictures from customers like Todd, to show people the endless possibilities of what their buildings could look like. 

“A lot of people see the finished product and realize ‘I can do anything I want,” Scott said. “I tell people you don’t have to build your endwalls, but you get to.”