Meet the SteelMaster Team: Scott Buckman

Scott Buckman has been an integral part of the SteelMaster team for almost a decade. Currently, he is a National Sales Manager leading the Aftermarket Sales Team.

Scott thrives in his managerial role as he strives to further the potential of the members on his team.

“I want to help my team see the potential and value in themselves that they don’t see themselves,” Scott said.

Scott has sold a wide range of applications including homes, storage buildings, workshops, aircraft hangars and more, across all 50 states.

In addition to the educational aspect of his career, Scott loves connecting with customers around the world.

“I love talking to happy customers. We strive to make the customers happy with their choice.”


S model quonset hut home surrounded by pool

Marti Y. – Bryan, Texas

S-Model, 40W’ X 22’H X 108’L

 Set on a 62-acre lot in Bryan, Texas sits a luxury Quonset-style home and horse barn.

The home is a total custom project, with Scott assisting every step of the way. He worked diligently with SZH Architecture to ensure that the final product was every bit of the customer’s dream.

The showstopper to this home are the side openings overlooking the serene pool in the backyard, which were also designed and manufactured by SteelMaster.

The window frames are 14×8, which are the largest size possible before needing to bring in structural steel.

“What was spectacular about this project was what I learned from an engineering and design perspective. Going back and forth with the architect and our factory on maximizing the size of the side openings, incorporating a chimney vent in the roof, as well as designing a Galvalume Plus corrugated liner system for the ceiling of the building was such a learning experience,” said Scott.

Q model quonset hut home with endwall and windows

Peter G. – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Q-Model, 30W’ X 15’H X 36’L

The Pacific Ocean serves as a picturesque backdrop for SteelMaster customer Peter G.’s custom Quonset home.

Peter G. is a renowned oil paints artist, who used his artistic genius to design his dream home.

Scott said, “Peter is such an easy-going guy. He did almost all the work himself. He did a fantastic job.”

With Hawaii being moderate temperatures, Peter’s home does not require insulation.

“However, moving air is critical. Certain areas of Hawaii can get very wet. He got several fans to keep the air moving,” Scott explains.

Scott explains the benefits of using a Quonset building for a home.

Once you get arches up which can happen in a matter of days, you can finish the rest at your leisure, and can customize to whatever you want it to be.

Pete had a great experience with Scott and the rest of the team at SteelMaster!

He says, “It was the easiest that I’ve ever had to deal with anybody. Customer service was awesome,” Pete said. “It was super painless. It worked out perfectly, exactly how I was hoping it would work.”

Interior of quonset hut with pool inside

Kelly K. – Clarksville, TN

A-Model, 30W’ X 14’H X 58’L

Retired Army veteran and SteelMaster customer Kelly K. pulled out all the stops when he was searching for a building to serve as a pool house for his grandchildren.

It was Scott’s first pool house of this nature, and Scott says, “the most memorable.”

Scott adds, “He was so much fun to work with because he cared so much about the details.”

From the stainless-steel fan and lighting fixtures to the blue spray foam insulation, Kelly truly paid attention to the details to make this as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The pool house is equipped with a slide, shower room, mechanical room, and even an electric pool cover for the heated pool!

Scott recalls Kelly choosing SteelMaster over other suppliers because of our superior industrial base plate.

“He went with us because he got more than he would have gotten otherwise.”

quonset hut with steel roll up door

Eugene & Jeanette A. – Keaau, Hawaii

A-Model, 20W’ X 12’H X 24’L & S-Model, 10W’ X 10’H X 12’L

The lush green trees of Keaau, Hawaii serve as the perfect backdrop to SteelMaster customer Eugene’s garage and workshop.

Eugene and his wife Jeanette made the journey from California to Hawaii to enjoy their retirement.

Geno’s dream was to retire to Hawaii and spend his time working on motorcycles and building surfboards. Therefore, he reached out to SteelMaster in search of two buildings for his hobbies.

“Geno was cool to work with. He was excited about the project and thought the buildings were unique and functional, and just perfect for Hawaii.”

Geno was able to erect the arches quickly and then spent additional time with the parts and accessories.

“It came on time, and it was delivered without a problem. It all worked out; delivery was great.”

“Geno is detail oriented. He asked a lot of questions, and it was important to him that what he did he did right.”

Overall, Geno says he’s very happy with his building and total experience with SteelMaster. He’s even considering purchasing a steel carport for his property.

“I think it’s the greatest thing you can have here. As I drive around the islands here I see these SteelMaster Buildings of all ages. I mean, decades old and they’re still holding up.


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S model quonset hut airplane hangar with sliding doors

Matthew H. – St. Helena, California

S-Model, 50W’ X 18’H X 50’L

Matthew H. is the co-owner of Hardin Clark Vineyard Management, which specializes in providing sustainable preservation practices to vineyards in California.

Matt contacted SteelMaster searching for an aircraft hangar to store his Cessna.

After settling on a building, Scott was presented with a challenge upon delivery. California has strict clearance guidelines and would not allow the truck to deliver to Matt’s property.

However, SteelMaster’s Customer Service Team helped Matt with that challenge. They were able to get the building delivered safely, and then Scott went on to assist Matt with his after-purchase needs.

Once the building was delivered, Matt’s local crew installed the building in less than a week!

Upon erecting the building, Scott assisted Matt with finding the perfect skylights as an addition to the building.

“This was my first large sized, quad door, fully enclosed aircraft hangar. I’m very proud of this one” Scott said.

A model quonset hut with awning and stone trim

Mike I. – Munford, Tennessee

A-Model, 25’W X 15’H X 20’L

SteelMaster customer and Environmentalist Specialist Mike I. was searching for a Quonset-style home for his waterfront property in Tennessee.

The exterior of the home is custom, complete with vinyl siding and stone end-walls. Meanwhile, the interior has two levels, and a master en-suite.

“I love that you can see the corrugated arches,” Scott said.

Scott assisted Mike with the sliding garage door, which provides a view and plenty of natural light.

Mike is extremely happy with his Quonset home, mainly because it is so environmentally friendly!

However, that is not the only benefit.

“The cost per square foot is dramatically less than conventional construction. You never have to replace a roof. You can do it yourself. Almost anyone with basic skills can erect a Quonset. And they are extremely durable and can withstand enormous amounts of wind and snow,” Scott explains.