Meet the SteelMaster Team: John Deere

John Deere has been with SteelMaster for eight years and is currently a National Sales Manager in the residential department. In that time, he has sold projects ranging from homes, garages, workshops, aircraft hangars, sheds and more.

John says his military upbringing not only shaped his work ethic but has helped him in his career because he is able to build rapport with his customers from all walks of life.

In addition to working with customers, John says he enjoys the versatility of the projects he assists customers with.

“Every day is different. No two projects are the same,” John said.


Quonset hut home with custom stone endwall filled with windows

Luke and Kelly R. – Millstadt, IL

XS-Model, 40’W X 19’H X 52’ L

SteelMaster customers Luke and Kelly Rompel had a dream for their perfect Quonset home. They spent three years working on their labor of love and now they have a beautiful Quonset home that sits on 26 acres of land.

It all started when the couple were discussing their ideal home. Initially, they loved the idea of a tiny home, but with two kids and another on the way they decided they needed more space!

They were put in touch with John Deere, and “bonded quickly.” They decided to purchase two buildings, the first being a garage which Luke would explain would be his “test run.”

With the help of a crew of ten people, they were able to erect it in only 16 hours. Then, Luke felt confident he could assemble the second building, his home, in no time.

Luke then went on to capture the building process on TikTok where many of his videos went viral!

Open ended quonset hut with military vehicle inside on concrete foundation

Robert L.- Naples, FL

S-Model, 12’W X 11’H X 16’L

Living in Florida, SteelMaster customer Robert is accustomed to inclement weather. After living through several hurricanes, he knew he needed a building that would last.

Robert had a size restriction and could only have a maximum size of 10×20, but John still made sure he went over the engineering blueprints with him.

They went with an S-Model, 12X1X16.

“Because our buildings are engineered to withstand up to 190 mph winds, I know that we provided Robert with a building that was the best quality for the best price.”

Robert and his wife are extremely happy with their building!


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X model quonset hut with steel endwall with garage and man door

Bryan J. – Creswell, OR

A-Model, 30’W, X 14’H X 28’L

After losing his 8-year-old stepson Travis to cancer, SteelMaster customer Bryan J. was determined to honor his memory. “He taught me that in life, there’s beauty everywhere,” says Bryan. “He enlightened us.” This led Bryan with the perfect idea to honor Travis’ memory; he would build the ultimate SM garage as a memorial.

He decided to build a garage on their property as a tribute, where he and his younger stepson Brandon will spend time working on projects that will help him “create, repair, build, and grow together.”

He called a few companies and started to gather some information about constructing a building, and the first person he talked to was National Sales Manager John Deere. “He gave me a baseline of what to expect in the industry,” says Bryan.

John was unaware of the situation, but treated Bryan like he does every customer, with care. “Others were just so pushy and rude. It was just incredible,” says

He says John’s approach is what convinced him to continue his journey despite what he was going through. “It feels like everyone at SteelMaster is more focused on being a family than trying to make a sale,” explained Bryan. Before the building was erected, he spread Travis’ ashes in the foundation. Then once he assembled the arches, he lined the walls with images of Travis and those who impacted his life.

“It won’t just be a place where you put your car, it will be a place that will facilitate growth,” explained Bryan.

2 S Model quonset huts custom painted like military style.

Kenny M. – Springville, UT

(2) S-Model, 12’W X 11’H X 24’L

Kenny called into SteelMaster looking for a building to use as an “ultimate dude cave” to store his Can-Am Snow Mobile.

Due to the high elevation of the Utah mountains and 80-foot snow load, John needed to engineer a building that would meet the requirements.

John was able to design the blueprints and have the building delivered within only eight weeks!

Upon delivery and assembly, Kenny customized his building, and now he has his ultimate dude cave.

Open ended Quonset hut on concrete foundation

Larry G. – Salton City, UT

Q-Model, 25’W X 12’H X 28’L

Larry called into SteelMaster looking for a garage to protect his vehicles from the blinding California sun. He had knowledge of Quonset huts due to his time in the military which led him to SteelMaster. Therefore, he knew that they are durable, and he would be able to easily construct it himself.

Larry went with a Q-model for his garage, and eventually enclosed the building by adding a front and rear end wall.

John assisted from beginning to end, and assured Larry that our buildings are customizable.

Therefore, Larry painted his Quonset and is extremely happy with his building!