Meet the SteelMaster Team: Gordon Bingen

Gordon Bingen has been an integral part of the SteelMaster Team for nearly a decade and is currently a National Sales Representative serving all fifty states.

He has experience selling all applications including houses, garages, storage buildings, aircraft hangars, roofing systems and more.

Prior to SteelMaster, he spent twenty years in the construction industry.

“Although I have a few decades of construction experience under my belt, I’m always open to learning new techniques from my customers and coworkers,” Gordon said.


Not only is Gordon knowledgeable about the product, but he also prides himself on his ability to build rapport with his customers. Gordon has created lifelong relationships with many of his customers. In fact, he says that working with his customers is one of his favorite aspects of his career.

“I love getting to know all the unique personalities. Making connections with people all over the country is so much fun,” Gordon said.

Inside of quonset hut home main living area

Andrew M. – Joseph, Oregon

Q-Model, 50’W X 18’H X 100’L

The Wallowa Mountain range in Joseph, Oregon makes for a picturesque backdrop. Luckily, Andrew M. and his family get to enjoy the scenery right from their living room.

Andrew is an aircraft pilot and flight instructor who called SteelMaster looking for a building for a home. And, he also had a unique requirement.

Andrew’s dream was to utilize the building as a home, with the back half being an aircraft hangar.

Gordon assisted in finding the perfect building for his family’s needs within his budget.

“I got to know their entire family. And amazingly, Andrew assembled the entire house himself.”

The house is stunning. And when explaining the benefit of using a Quonset for a home, Gordon said, “Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to people, but people also really like the fact that they are low maintenance and fast construction.”

After Andrew settled into his new home, he sent Gordon aerial shots of the Wallowa Mountains from his aircraft!

Gordon said, “Andrew and his family will always stand out in my mind.”


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S model quonset hut with wooden endwall and wooden trim

Mark P. – Pioneertown, California

S-Model, 12’W X 11’H X 16’L

When Hollywood TV writer Mark called into SteelMaster looking for a getaway for him and his wife, Gordon was happy to assist!

Mark’s impressive resume includes writing credits on shows like, “Kim Possible, Rugrats and The Wild Thornberry’s which kept him busy throughout the years. Therefore, he was looking for some well-deserved R&R out in the desolate area of Pioneertown; just two hours outside of Los Angeles.

Mark bought land on an old mining property from the gold rush days, and even restored an old cabin. His new Quonset cabin was the perfect addition to his property.

The building was delivered on one pallet and easily assembled.

Gordon concluded, “Working with Mark was such a great experience. He’s a great guy.”

Assemn;y of s model quonset hut

Craig S. – St. George, Utah

S-Model, 10’W X 10’H X 12’L

There’s nothing better than stargazing under a clear sky.


And no one does it better than Utah Desert Remote Observatory. Craig, owner, and founder, provides the space and equipment for his customers.


Located along the southeastern edge of the Great Basin Desert, you will find a Quonset building where you can rent telescopes to stargaze.


The Quonset hut was a perfect design for Craig’s business because he can utilize the roll-off building design.


“He’s very happy with the product,” Gordon said.


Craig’s plan for the future is to expand his business and assemble multiple Quonsets on his property.


We’re looking forward to seeing what Craig does in the future!

S model quonset hut with green endwall and 3 white doors

Brian F. – Williams, Arizona

XS-Model, Q-Model, 40’W X 19’H X 80’L

When retired auto-worker Brian called into SteelMaster looking for a building large enough to store his trucks and trailers, Gordon was happy to assist.

However, both Gordon and Brian were faced with unique challenges throughout the building process.

The county Brian resided in had specific conditions, requiring Brian to attend several board meetings. Gordon was there every step of the way to do what he could to put Brian at ease throughout the process.

They decided to paint the building to adhere to the county guidelines.

“Brian was such an easy person to work with the entire way through. As he’s going through all these things with the county, he never blamed us. He was of very high character.”

In the end, contractors erected the building quickly and Brian was extremely happy with the result.

“It turned out gorgeous.”


S model snow rated quonset hut

Susan D. – Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico

S-Model, 20’W X 11’H X 20’L

Susan knew that a SteelMaster building would be perfect to store her equipment throughout the snowy New Mexico winters.

Gordon assisted her in finding the building that would adhere to the snow load within her budget.

First, he went to Google Earth to find the location, found the latitude and longitude, and entered the coordinates into our system to find the snow load requirements.

“That’s another reason I love my job, we get to do cool stuff like that,” Gordon said.

Gordon reveled on how much that process has evolved throughout his twelve years at SteelMaster.

“Back when I first started, my manager used to have a map on the wall where we would pin-point a location and figure out the snow load. Now, its all online. It’s come a long way.”

Gordon reminisced about how excited Susan and her husband were once their building was delivered and assembled.

“They were so excited about it, they sent me a picture as soon as [the building] was put up.”


Q stlye quonset hut home with purple endwall

Tim P. – Tucson, Arizona

Q-Model, 50’W X 17’H X 80’L

Tim, a retired contractor called looking for a building to utilize as a home. He explained to Gordon that he has acquired the land, and now just needed the building to build his dream home.

And turns out, Tim’s gorgeous Quonset home is the first home project Gordon ever worked on!

Gordon said, “It was a real learning experience for me. But the biggest thing is Tim and I got along really well.”

Tim assembled the building himself and went with a recessed look and side openings for natural light. The interior has open sell insulation, and as Gordon explains, “Goes well with the aesthetic of their home.”

Gordon added, “I’m so happy to see what it’s become. It turned out gorgeous and I’m very happy for them.”

S model quonset hut home with red endwall and balcony attached

Chris S. – Roundtop, Texas

S-Model, 34’W X 18’H X 60’L

 SteelMaster customer Chris and his wife Melody were looking for the perfect home to enjoy the stunning views on their property.

They went with a 22-gauge steel with custom front end wall and several custom windows for natural light.

“The Quonset design is perfect for a home because so many people love the open concept. It turned out very nice,” Gordon said.