various quonset building styles for different needs and uses

Easy Do-It-Yourself Steel Building Kits

Are you looking for a DIY metal building that’s easy to build and cost effective? SteelMaster has several models that will help you do just that.
Our DIY buildings are not only some of the easiest to assemble; they are also some of the strongest structures on earth. SteelMaster’s metal buildings are ideal for homeowners and business owners who are looking for simple, affordable solutions.

Easy to Construct DIY Metal Buildings
SteelMaster’s easy-to-assemble metal building plans are ideal for the experienced builder who loves DIY projects or even a novice who has no idea how to. If you have a dream building in mind, we have a DIY building kit that will help you design your own steel building.

For over 40 years we have produced prefabricated Quonset Hut™ kits that have been used as sheds, DIY steel garage kits, DIY carports, businesses, stables, and even houses. The possibilities are virtually endless.

To make the new construction process easier, we send all of the parts that you need and the nuts and bolts to put it together. The panels of each prefabricated metal building kit is prepunched and predrilled at our factory before it arrives at your doorstep.

Also included are blueprints that are stamped by our in-house engineer to ensure your building meets all local codes in your area. They provide a clearly diagrammed drawing of your building that shows front, side, and rear elevation, the arch profile and aerial views of the slab.  You will also receive the SteelMaster construction manual that will be included with your DIY building kit.

If you run into any issues during the construction process, our talented team of building professionals is always more than happy to assist you.

Cost Effective DIY Buildings
One of the greatest benefits of constructing your own DIY steel building is the ability to save money during the construction process as well as many years after the structure is complete.

Most average size metal buildings only require a small crew and a few days to complete. Many of our steel buildings do not require expensive construction crews to erect, saving you a ton of money in the beginning.  SteelMaster’s DIY storage building kits are also made to last for decades after construction.

Each steel panel is coated with Galvalume Plus which protects your building from extreme heat and rusting. This will significantly decrease your maintenance costs as long as you own the building. Every SteelMaster Building is also backed by a 40-year warranty.

If you’re building your dream garage or your own DIY building for your business, SteelMaster has plenty of Steel DIY buildings to suit your needs.

You Control the Design
When you choose do-it-yourself construction, it can initially seem quite overwhelming, but there’s a sensational feeling of pride that comes along with creating your own unique design.

If you’re a business owner who has small office building floor plans, auto repair shop building plans, or if you’re ready to design your own DIY steel garage, our talented building specialists can help you choose the perfect model for your needs.

After you’ve chosen the kind of building you want, you then get the opportunity to customize it exactly to your specifications and budget. You can design a building totally out of the box or you can create a structure that matches your taste and location.

SteelMaster not only offers amazingly strong arches, we will also help you pick out the perfect accessories to spice up your DIY metal building

You can add vents, insulation, skylights, endwalls, service doors, roll up garage doors, or windows to really make your DIY building stand out.

Almost Endless Applications
SteelMaster’s DIY metal building kits can be used to build anything! The possibilities are endless here.

Disaster Resistant
SteelMaster’s do-it-yourself steel buildings are not only easy to erect, but they are also strong enough to endure some of the most extreme weather conditions around the world. If you live in a natural disaster zone, you can rest easier knowing you have a building that will survive if a severe storm blows through your area.

Our do-it-yourself metal building kits are made from high-quality, commercial-grade steel, and they are engineered to resist extreme pressure from the outside.

SteelMaster’s buildings are manufactured to survive powerful tornadoes, strong winds, dangerous hurricanes, fire, earthquakes and even heavy snow loads that can easily spell disaster for any traditional structure.


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