s model quonset building construction and final product, metal end wall and doors

Rapidly Deployed Structures As Temporary Emergency Relief Shelters

In addition to food, clean water, and medical assistance, temporary or permanent shelters are essential in the recovery of communities.

The need for shelter is the greatest right after a disaster hits, which means the ability to rapidly deploy structures is crucial.

Once produced, SteelMaster’s prefabricated Quonset hut kits can be put on a truck or placed in a container for fast delivery anywhere around the world straight from our factory.

We ship everything needed to assemble the outer shell of your steel building. The arches only require one size of nut and bolt, which are included in the construction kit. This means you can immediately start putting your structure together after it is offloaded at your location and have it fully assembled as soon as possible.

Temporary emergency relief shelters are not only important for people who have been displaced due to disasters and crises but also to the influx of people who come to assist in any life-saving efforts.

Because shelter options are limited during disasters, the capability to add capacity to shelters is a major benefit.

With a steel Quonset hut, you have the ability to easily expand your building by purchasing additional arches later on to add to your structure to get more space.

Additionally, the column-free interior of Quonset huts allows you to utilize 100 percent of the space inside your building for extra housing or storage.

Temporary Shelters Able To Withstand Another Natural Disaster

Even after disaster strikes a community, they are still vulnerable to being struck again. That’s why it’s necessary to have a shelter you can trust in the event another severe storm hits.

It’s imperative that a temporary building can withstand the stress and pressure of your environment. Just because a building is temporary, doesn’t mean it has to be flimsy or cheap.

Steel Quonset huts make the perfect temporary relief structures because they’re extremely durable. Every SteelMaster building is specifically designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

Our buildings can withstand extremely strong windsfire, the impact of flying debris from hurricanes, and devastating earthquakes.

In 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake shook the country of Haiti, killing at least 100,000 and destroying more than 280,000 structures.

The Assembly of God Church in Washington State purchased three buildings from SteelMaster and donated them to the affected area in Haiti after a devastating earthquake.

One building was used as a church and the other two were used for schools. A group of 50 people helped assemble these buildings. Most of the construction was completed in one month and the entire project was completed in three months.