q model qounset shell on cement base

Cost Effective Solution for Salt Storage: Buildings, Sheds & Barns

Maximize the life of your salt stockpiles with a durable, environmentally conscious, cost effective solution—a SteelMaster Building.

There’s a reason why SteelMaster has been the industry leader in salt storage solutions; we provide high quality, custom Quonset Hut structures that allow companies, Departments of Transportation and municipalities to adequately protect salt piles year round. A custom SteelMaster bulk storage dome allows our customers to be better equipped to handle dangerous road conditions during severe weather events.

According to the Virginia-based Salt Institute, salt is the single most important winter maintenance material. The Environmental Protection Agency reported that approximately 11 million tons of salt are used on roadways throughout the U.S. every winter. More than 116,000 Americans are injured and over 1,300 are killed on snowy, slushy or icy pavement. Road salt reduces crashes by 88 percent, injuries by 85 percent and accident costs by 85 percent.

SteelMaster has worked with several state transportation departments across the United States.  Local municipalities use SteelMaster Buildings as their supplier of choice to store salt with clear span solutions to protect and contain bulk material from the elements.

View some of our salt storage projects below!

q model qounset building on cement base

Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT)

Model type: XQ-Model
Size: 40‘W X 18‘H X 100‘L

q model qounset shell on cement base

Town of Wakefield,
New Hampshire

Model type: Q-Model
Size: 25’W X 12’H X 40’L

q model qounset shell on cement base

Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)

Model type: S-Model
Size: 40’W X 16’H X 40’L

Our steel buildings are made with industrial strength, commercial grade steel coated with Galvalume Plus. Our steel arches offer superior corrosion resistance to the elements, and are engineered to meet the snow and wind loads of your area. The building’s concrete wall foundation or bin blocks create a secure place for the salt and help prevent corrosion due to salt touching the walls for a prolonged period of time.

SteelMaster’s salt storage structures keep rain and snow off of stored bulk materials, eliminating the possibility of the salt leaching out and getting into streams, wells and groundwater in areas around the community.

Quonset Hut style buildings are a quick to assemble, economical solution that significantly outperforms traditional wood or fabric salt storage buildings.

Our on-site, knowledgeable engineers are able to customize our steel structures to fit any budget or deadline. SteelMaster buildings are prefabricated which allows for quick, easy construction.

SteelMaster salt storage buildings, sheds and barns are also more efficient than the average salt storage bin, especially from a transportation standpoint. Plus, the buildings’ storage capabilities are versatile. They can store bulk items such as mulch, gravel, dirt, fertilizer, grain and more.

The buildings’ clear span design eliminates the need for beams and trusses, leaving more than enough clearance for trucks, loaders, and plows to drive inside and easily maneuver throughout the structure. We offer bulk storage solutions in widths up to 80 ft in the appropriate conditions and are known around the world as the ideal containment solution.


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