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No need to waste time with complex, flimsy structures that gobble up a ton of time and many of your hard earned dollars. SteelMaster’s prefabricated warehouse building kits are a cost-effective, easy way to create adequate storage for your business.

SteelMaster’s talented team of building professionals will help you choose a warehouse design and plan to fit your industry. Our building experts have worked with every branch of the U.S. Military and large corporations all over the world on safe, secure, metal warehouses. Every building is designed to meet the International Building Codes and the codes of each specific location. Our metal warehouses are also backed by a 30-year warranty that will give you added peace of mind.

SteelMaster creates each kit to fit your budget and your deadline. All of our parts come from one factory so this significantly decreases the time it takes to deliver. Our buildings generally arrive two weeks before most companies in the industry. Our metal warehouses are also prepunched and predrilled at the factory which makes it easier to erect in a short amount of time. We will provide you with all of the nuts and bolts you will need to complete your project.

Our metal warehouse kits are also extremely cost effective. Although larger projects may require the use of special equipment, most of our kits can be constructed with just a small crew and minimal effort. Our warehouse kits can range from  40’ to 80’ in width with no limits on lengths. The base cost of the building is approximately $8 to $12 per square foot.  SteelMaster also offers several different models that can accommodate different designs and floor plans depending upon your needs.

Not only are our warehouse kits economical and easy to construct, they offer the most usable space when compared to traditional straight wall buildings. Most structures require the use of beams and trusses to support the weight of the building. The arch design does not need any supports at all. The weight of the entire structure is supported by the arch itself, which leaves more space for storage inside of the building.

One of the greatest benefits of a SteelMaster warehouse building design is the strength of the building. Our metal warehouse kits have been tested in the most extreme situations including hurricanes, dangerous tornadoes, hail storms and heavy snow storms. Our warehouses are engineered to withstand extreme pressure from severe weather events. SteelMaster’s buildings are made with top quality, commercial grade steel that is then corrugated at our factory. 

To save time, money, and frustration, a prefabricated metal warehouse is the best option for any industry.

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