Barndominiums In Texas: Prefab Projects Designed & Built By Our Customers

A barndominium is a combination of a barn and condominium that can act as a place to live and a workshop or a large storage area. The barndominium trend became popular after an episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper showed hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines transforming a horse barn into a functional and practical home for a Waco, Texas family.

These alternative homes are a smart housing choice for many reasons including price, an open floor plan and disaster resistance.

Barndominium in Round Top, Texas

Model type: XS-Model
Size: 53’W X 22’H X 45’L

s model quonset building with red front wall, windows, overhead porch

Texas Barndominium

Eric and Carolyn S. started looking into purchasing a Quonset hut barndominium in 2015, when he and his wife, Carolyn, purchased 40 acres of raw land in central Texas. The couple looked for inspiration on Pinterest and eventually stumbled upon SteelMaster Buildings.

s model quonset building with red front wall, windows, overhead porch

Texas Barndominium Builders

The couple hired barndominium builder Barney Reynolds with Round Top Home Builders to help him assemble his dream home. After doing additional research, Barney and Eric both agreed that they wanted to purchase SteelMaster buildings due to the quality of our products.

interior of fully furnished quonset home

Barndominium Kit Assembly

It took a contractor approximately 10 days to erect the arches of Eric’s barndominium. The endwalls of the buildings were completed with local crews.  Nine months later, their 30’ X 50’ home was complete.

interior of fully furnished quonset home

Barndominium Floor Plan

Eric and Carolyn’s friends say their SteelMaster barndominium looks like it should be in a magazine, with its open floor plan and rustic decor.
“When we have friends come out, we haven’t had anybody come out that wasn’t genuinely impressed with the style and quality of the construction,” Eric said.

interior of fully furnished quonset home

Barndominium Cost in Texas

Not only is the home picture perfect, but Eric says it’s very energy efficient and saves the couple money.
“I had a friend that was living out here in an RV during construction. My electricity bills are lower than his RV for a 2,500 square foot home,” he said.

interior of fully furnished quonset home

Metal Barndominium in Texas

Eric and Carolyn are installing a 750 square foot apartment in the other SteelMaster building, a 40’ X 60’ barn. They also ordered two SteelMaster carports to maintain the “metal arch look” on their property.

Metal Barndominium in Bandera, Texas

Model type: S-Model
Size: 40’W X 16’H X 40’L

s model quonset home with panel front wall and full windows and front door

Metal Barn House Plans

Linda and her husband Dennis purchased land in Bandera, Texas near a lake. They wanted to build a barndominium and took an interest in metal Quonset Hut style buildings. She promptly called SteelMaster to get her dream home started.

quonset building under construction

DIY Metal Barndominium

Dennis created his own tools and even came up with a unique system to help raise the arches of his prefab barndominium. It took him 30 days to get the arches up and four years to slowly customize every inch of the home.

interior of fully furnished quonset home

Barndominium Decor

Although the couple knew they wanted to live inside of a Quonset hut home, Linda and Dennis did not have a solid plan on how they wanted their steel barndominium to look and “went by the seat of their pants.”

interior of fully furnished quonset home

Limitless Interior Space

Linda says she especially loves the big open space of her steel Quonset hut barndominium, and she made sure to keep the “arch look” in every room of their home.

s model quonset home with panel front wall and full windows and front door

Steel Barndominium Benefits

Linda also found out that just owning a Quonset hut home would earn her a discount with her insurance company. SteelMaster’s buildings are extremely durable and are built to withstand heavy snow, wind and hail–a plus for insurance companies.

s model quonset home with panel front wall and full windows and front door

Design & Build Your Dream Building

The possibilities are endless with SteelMaster’s metal Quonset huts. We have buildings that can fit any customer’s needs–from small sheds to homes, SteelMaster can do it all.

In addition to its unique appearance, barndominiums made from a steel building are a very practical housing choice for many reasons.

Unlike typical straight wall metal buildings, SteelMaster Quonset huts have unobstructed interior space. Our buildings do not need beams or trusses for support, which leaves plenty of space inside of the structure to create the barndominium floor plan of your dreams.

Existing homes for sale won’t allow you to have the same level of customization. This guarantees a building that is made just for you.

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset huts are incredibly disaster-resistant. All of our prefabricated buildings receive state-stamped blueprints before they are delivered.

The Scheibelhuts Quonset hut home.

The Scheibelhuts benefited from their Quonset hut home’s strength during natural disasters that occur in warmer climates. The couple lives at the end of a ridge and a dangerous tornado once blew through the area packing 70-80 mph winds.

“The building never even shook,” says Tom, who felt secure in his SteelMaster.

SteelMaster’s buildings are built to reduce your vulnerability during severe weather. The deep parallel grooves in the corrugated steel add to the strength of the already durable building. Winds can reach well over 150 mph in some of the most devastating storms turning large objects into deadly projectiles. When a projectile hits an arched, corrugated solid steel building, oftentimes it makes a small dent instead of going all the way through.

Jose Malave, a longtime SteelMaster customer and business owner in Puerto Rico, rode out Hurricane Maria inside of his disaster resistant SteelMaster Building. He says thanks to his metal Quonset Hut, he is alive and able to tell his story. He was also able to save $70,000 in damages when he stored his precious belongings inside his steel building.

“The building had minor damage to the back wall. We and our work team determined that the fault was a bad installation of the rear wall,” said Malave. “If that wall had been installed the right way, nothing would have happened.”

If you’re not interested in the rustic design trend, a barndominium may not be the home for you. But if you dream of country living, a barndominium from SteelMaster might be your best bet!