Meet the SteelMaster Team: Barrett Taylor

Barrett Taylor has been with SteelMaster for 2 ½ years. In that time, he has proved himself to be an expert in the industry. Whether it’s homes, garages, sheds, or even roofing systems, Barrett will have the answers to his customer’s questions.

Barrett has a background in welding and mechanics, which has prepared him for success in this role.


Not only is Barrett knowledgeable about the industry, but he is also great at building rapport with his customers.

“I really love learning about my customer’s projects. That way I can make sure I’m finding them the best solutions,” Barrett said.

S model quonset hut with no endwalls

Margie L. – Billings, Montana

S-Model, 16’W X 12’H X 20’L

Margie’s home and shed sits in the picturesque setting of the Montana landscape. While it is beautiful, it’s also prone to heavy snow and hail.

That is how Margie ended up contacting SteelMaster. Her vehicle had been damaged due to hail, so she called in looking for a structure to protect it from all the elements.

Margie needed a building quickly; before the next storm hit. Barrett quickly and efficiently found the snow load for her area to provide her with the correct gauge steel.

Upon delivery, Margie’s building was assembled and now she does not have to worry about her car being damaged.

SteelMaster buildings are designed to withstand all weather extremes. Such as, heavy snow, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires.

“We have the highest quality steel on the market,” Barrett concluded.


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S model quonset hut with white roll up door

Jason K. – Cunningham, Tennessee

S-Model, 20’W X 14’H X 26’L

When SteelMaster customer Jason called in looking for a storage building to store his tractor and bass boat, Barrett was happy to assist.

Jason was hesitant about his DIY ability, but Barrett was able to put him at ease and let him know he’d be there to support him every step of the way.

Barrett reassured him that our buildings are manufactured to be assembled easily for all skill levels.

“I explained to him that the whole system is one size nut and bolt, and all the holes are pre-punched,” Barrett said.

Upon delivery, Jason was able to erect the building with the help of a couple friends.

Jason is so happy with the result, that he is looking forward to purchasing another building.

A model quonset hut home with awning attached

Michael J. – Galveston, Texas

A-Model, 25’W X 15’H X 34’L

Michael contacted SteelMaster looking for a building that could withstand an extreme wind load.

Living on the Texas coast, the wind speed could get up to 143 mph. SteelMaster’s buildings can be designed to withstand up to 190 mph winds.

“Our building is one of the only buildings on the market that can meet that kind of wind load,” Barrett said.

Michael also wanted his building to be raised due to the high wind and potential debris.

Because Michael was going to erect his building on something other than concrete, Barrett sent over a reaction booklet that Michael’s local engineer could use to design the building.

“We’re one of the only companies that he could find that could do any engineering in house and be able to design the reactions that his engineer could work with,” Barrett said.

The local engineer designed the foundation and then Michael was able to assemble the building himself.

Now, he will be prepared and safe during any bouts of inclement weather.

“[Steel buildings] will be one of the only things left standing after hurricanes and natural disasters,” said Barrett.

canopy/awning with car underneath

Ron K. – Frederick, Maryland

C-Model, 12’W X 8’H X 18’L

Ron K called into SteelMaster looking for a carport to protect his Audi from the elements.

Living in Frederick, Maryland, Ron is accustomed to heavy winds and needed a building that would be durable. He had seen local carports that had been destroyed from high winds and he wanted something that would last.

“He was already familiar with our product because his neighbor has a SteelMaster building and loves the quality,” Barrett said.

SteelMaster buildings are built with 22’ gauge 80 grade steel, are high velocity hurricane zone certified, backed with 40-year warranty, and can meet up to 190 mph winds.

“Our buildings are the only buildings on the market that can do that,” Barrett said.


A model quonset hut with brown endwall and blue door

 Michael R. – Abilene, Texas

A-Model, 25’W X 13’H X 26’L

Michael was searching for a building that he could put up quickly and easily where he could store his trailer.

Although Michael had never assembled a steel building before, he watched several videos on YouTube and loved the simplicity of SteelMaster building construction.

“I’ve watched your construction videos on technique and I’m excited to build it,” Michael said.

Upon delivery, Michael was able to assemble the building easily with a help of a couple of his friends and built a custom end wall using local materials.

“Michael called in a couple times throughout the process. We were there every step of the way,” Barrett said.