Meet the SteelMaster Team: Ashley Merriwether

Ashley Merriwether is your go-to for all post purchase needs.

Ashley has been with SteelMaster for four years and is currently an Aftermarket Specialist. She assists customers across all 50 states with their post purchase needs ranging from parts and accessories to construction expertise.

She has experience with assisting customers with parts and accessories such as, ventilation systems, base connectors, sky lights, etc. And, she happily assists customers with general construction tips.

Ashley’s favorite aspect of her career is communicating with customers. She says, “I love being able to connect with the customer and satisfy their needs. SteelMaster is a branded name so it’s great to keep the legacy going.”


S Model quonset hut with steel endwall and red roll up door

David M. – Hereford, Arizona

S-Model 40’W X 16’H X 44’L

David had recently purchased his home in Arizona when he called into SteelMaster looking for a building for his vehicles and ATV’s.

He wanted an interior steel end-wall to divide the building into two. One section for his vehicles, and the other to use as a home office.

He chose steel due to the reflective property to keep the inside of his building cool and added batten insulation.

“If it’s a category 2 building, or a building the customer plans to spend a lot of time in, I do recommend insulation,” Ashley said.

S model quonset hut airplane

Dan I. – Ripley, Tennessee

XS-Model 40’W X 18’H X 41’L

When Dan lost his original tin aircraft hangar to high winds, he knew he needed a more durable building.

He contacted SteelMaster and purchased an XS-Model.

Dan hired a local contractor of four men who were able to erect the building in only 3 days!

Now, his aircraft is protected from the elements all year round.

“This was a cool project. And, since he decided to go with steel, it will last a long time. He will get his money’s worth out of the building,” Ashley said.

S model quonset hut with red endwall with front porch and white door

 Paige M. – Northwood, Iowa

S-Model 12’W X 11’H X 14’L

SteelMaster customer and massage therapist Paige M. called SteelMaster looking for a building to utilize as her massage studio.

Paige M.’s Quonset-style massage studio sits tucked away on the picturesque landscape of her family farm.

Paige went with a Quonset due to the zero-maintenance required and the rising cost of lumber.

She will never have to replace a roof, or shutter, and “will definitely get her money’s worth,” Ashley said.

S model quonset hut with yellow endwall and wooden doors

Peter K. – San Antonio, Texas

S-Model 12’W X 11’H X 20’L

Peter K. called into SteelMaster searching for a building to use as his workshop.

He went with a S-Model, which he was able to erect himself. Throughout the building process, he called in with construction questions and Ashley always had the answers.

After assembling the building, he customized the front and back-end walls with local materials. The front-end wall is made from vinyl siding and complete with a barn-style door.

“His project turned out great. It goes to show that once you get the arches up, you can give it its own look,” Ashley said.


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A model quonset hut with red endwall and sliding door

Charles M. – Lula, Georgia

A-Model 30’W X 14’H X 30’L

Charles had an existing slab in his backyard and needed a building to store his trucks and tools.

After purchasing a building, Ashley assisted him with the C-Channel plate.

“Since he had an existing slab, we couldn’t go with a standard keyway,” Ashley explained.

After erecting the building, Charles added a custom front end-wall, made from local lumber, and stained it red.

Additionally, he added a sliding barn door.

“His project turned out great,” Ashley concluded.