Portable Metal Garages: Portable, Liftable Steel Garage Kits

Looking to make the most of your wasted space? Convert existing shipping containers into a functional and secure working area using a SteelMaster steel shipping container roof kit.

Our customizable kits can transform the average shipping containers into garages, workshops, job site storage and even homes!

SteelMaster’s unique container roofing system provides a cost efficient solution by covering the space between shipping containers with our steel roofs. A shipping container garage can be open ended or enclosed, and the size can be customized to the width between the two containers and height requirements of the project.

Shipping container garages can be quickly and easy assembled with our pre-cut panels and pre-punched holes. The container covers are made from commercial grade steel and coated with Galvalume Plus, which is maintenance free, prevents corrosion and reflects sunlight.

The garages are also portable—they can be easily unbolted, dismantled, moved to a new location and reinstalled. Since the containers are used as the structural base of the building, you won’t need to pour a concrete foundation.

Another added benefit of building with a metal shipping container is the built-in site storage. Customers can use shipping containers as well as the space between them as secure storage options, saving time and money.

Call us today to bring your shipping container garage plans to life with a SteelMaster shipping container roof system.