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Easy-to-Assemble Prefabricated Metal Carport Kits

Protect your most valuable investments from thieves and dangerous weather events with an easy-to-assemble, prefabricated metal carport kit from SteelMaster Buildings.

Our DIY metal carport kits are the perfect solution for secure, durable storage. SteelMaster’s kits are made from high quality, commercial grade steel that is backed by a 40-year warranty.  Every steel carport plan is customized for each customer depending upon need and location. Areas that have heavier wind loads or more severe winter weather may require a special design capable of withstanding such extreme weather events.

Carports are also a great alternative for those customers who do not want a full garage. It takes more time, equipment and effort to build a larger structure such as a garage. It may take a few days to construct a Quonset Hut garage but a SteelMaster carport can be assembled in just a few hours.

Another great benefit of owning a steel carport is the versatility. Metal carports are not only used to protect RVs, ATVs, and other vehicles, they can also be used as a shield from the hot sun or rain during a picnic. Customers have installed them as part of their homes, as protective shelters on campgrounds, and special gathering spots at popular wineries.

Our carports are also easy to construct and take less time to build than a traditional garage. Larger buildings, of course, have more parts to assemble so they take a longer time to build. The open-ended garage can take a few days and a small crew to assemble. The SteelMaster carport kit takes minimal effort and can be fully functional within just a few hours.

One of the most popular benefits of purchasing a SteelMaster carport kit is their amazing quality and strength. You won’t find a DIY Metal Carport that can survive some of Mother Nature’s most deadly weather including hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy snow storms, hail, and even fire. Many of the other carports on the market are built with thin materials that are vulnerable to strong winds and heavy loads. Our carports are made with the best, most durable steal and the beams are also incredibly strong.

A SteelMaster metal carport will also save money over time. Instead of wasting money on maintenance or replacing it after a storm hits your area, you will only have to build a SteelMaster carport one time and it will last for decades. These structures are coated with Galvalume Plus, which is a zinc and aluminum mixture that resists the extreme heat of the sun and protects the steel from rusting or warping.

When you want quality, durability, and simple construction, a SteelMaster carport is the way to go.


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