steel carport over camper van

Protect Your Investments with a SteelMaster Metal Carport

When you make a major investment, you certainly want to do everything you can to protect it.  Why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a vehicle and leave it exposed to dangerous elements that could destroy it? A SteelMaster metal carport is the ideal solution for customers who want a quality, custom engineered structure that’s easy to put together and cost effective.

A steel carport offers several benefits that will save customers money for decades. Unlike carports made from other materials, steel is able to survive in all kinds of weather. It will not rot, warp, buckle, twist, or crack. It is also corrosion resistant, fire resistant and cannot be destroyed termites.
With just a little DIY experience, anyone can put together a SteelMaster arched carport in just a matter of hours.  Our industrial carports only require the use of simple tools and one size bolt and one size nut to assemble.

Not only can you use a metal carport to protect your vehicles, they come in a variety of sizes. Our carports are available in widths ranging from 12’ to 20’ and in lengths from 18’ to 40’. We provide carports to fit every need. You can get one tall enough to store a large vehicle such as an RV, or a smaller one that would still be large enough to protect a jet ski, snowmobile or an ATV.  You can even have one installed on a boast slip as a boat slip cover or as shipping container carports.
You can also make the steel arches even stronger to add more security and protection to your arched roof carport. The size gauge you need is based upon the size and configuration of the building and where you live. For example, if you live in a place with brutal winters with high winds and heavy snow loads, then you would need the heavier gauge.
One of the greatest benefits of owning a SteelMaster carport building is the cost. A metal carport is a very affordable option for those looking for an economical, budget-friendly option. You also save money on labor costs because most of our average sized models can be put together quickly by just a handful of people. Metal is often more affordable than wood and everything you need is in one package. It is a very cost effective way to gain an entire usable structure.
The possibilities for SteelMaster metal carports are endless. No matter what needs to be covered, trust our carports to protect your most valuable possessions.


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