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SteelMaster Buildings Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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SteelMaster Buildings Commemorates 40th Anniversary Milestone

SteelMaster Buildings, the leading manufacturer of prefabricated arch-style buildings, is celebrating its 40th anniversary on February 19, 2022.

The company became incorporated in 1982 and began in Virginia and North Carolina with just two employees.

“I got in my car and drove down, knocked on doors, knocked on businesses,” SteelMaster CEO Rhae Adams said. “I finally got to Wanchese, North Carolina and knocked on a boat yard’s business and sure enough he liked the building. So, that was the first SteelMaster building we ever sold.”

Since then, SteelMaster has successfully designed buildings and structures for a variety of applications across the globe ranging from residential customers, the government, and the military, to numerous Fortune 500 companies.

“We’ve got a great product. The variety of uses and applications are broad and so we touch a lot of markets,” B2B President Rob Poellnitz said. “I see our customers and how they respond to the products that they have and how it’s either transformed their business or it’s transformed their lives. The impacts that they’ve had on the community and so we’re very, very proud of that.”

The company now has over 50,000 satisfied customers worldwide with buildings located in every state in the United States, on six continents, and in more than 40 overseas countries.

“I’m proud to have been a part of the team that helped move us from where we were way back then to you know an internationally known company,” CFO/Vice President Karen Willis said.

In addition to providing quality products, SteelMaster also credits its hard-working employees as part of the company’s success.

“It’s a group of individuals who want to be here, who want to do the right thing,” Willis said. “All of us care about having a happy customer in the end who puts up a really cool project and then shares their story with us and becomes part of our family.”

“For 40 years we’ve been in business, in those 40 years we have always been about our values and principles. Every day we walk in–it’s a growth mentality. We’ve always had it,” B2C President Anthony Bueno said.

After having a record-breaking year in 2021, SteelMaster Buildings is excited for what the future will bring for the company.

“Our greatest days, our best tricks are still up our sleeves, so we walk in every day knowing that tomorrow’s going to be better than yesterday, even though yesterday was fantastic,” Bueno said.

“I think we’re just getting started and I think the future is very bright for SteelMaster,” said Poellnitz.