Meet the SteelMaster Team: Travis Ashley

After a customer purchases a building, After Market Specialist Travis Ashley guides them through the rest of their Quonset hut journey.

“I will be their point of contact for anything it can be foundation-related questions, parts, and pieces or construction–anything that has to deal with the project after the purchase.”

Travis started at SteelMaster as a National Sales Representative, then worked his way up to the Senior Elite Team that works on more complex projects.

Soon after, he became the first After Market Specialist (AMS) at SteelMaster and helped develop the role.

“It was a lot of trial and error, but through that, we made a picture of what an AMS should look like and strive to do,” Travis said. “It became more than just selling parts and accessories, now we follow up with the customers, get referrals from them and pictures.”

Travis says his favorite part of working at SteelMaster is being part of the team.

“I get to help people, which is awesome. But there’s also a camaraderie and family aspect to our team–if you need anything, just ask. There are people that will push you to do things to be your best and give you tough love to help you grow.”

See the list below for some of the projects he’s worked on during his time at SteelMaster.


quonset building used for storage

Michelle C. – Fort Myers, Florida

S-Model, 40’W X 16’H X 100’L

Customer Michelle C. came to SteelMaster when she needed a barn for her horses. 

“You can use our models for pretty much any use, but there are some models that are better suited for certain applications,” Travis said. “When she told me what she planned on using her building for, there were so many questions I needed to ask.”


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There are multiple factors that can determine the size and layout of a horse barn, and after years of working at SteelMaster, Travis knew the exact questions to ask Michelle to help her purchase a building that would fit her budget and needs.  

“When she told me it was a horse barn I said ‘Great, how many hands high are your horses? How many horses do you have? What is the set up that you want?’ Because there are multiple ways to do this depending on how many horses you have,” Travis said.

In fact, being a jack of all trades is a big part of Travis’ job.

“You have to be a chameleon and know enough about what’s going in the building. Because we want to be able to provide a good product that’s long term,” Travis said. “When I first started with the company I didn’t know anything about horses or farm equipment or RVs. It was just kind of learning and listening to the customer, asking them questions.”

Travis said his customers have helped him learn a lot over the years.

“When you have a conversation with the customer, they’ll kind of educate you and you can take that knowledge along to the next customer. After speaking to one customer, I know that next time when I help someone else, I can talk the lingo and help them out and make them more comfortable.”

q model quonset building with wooden front end wall, small windows, and glass garage like doors

Connie M. – Columbia Falls, Montana

XQ-Model, 60’W X 21’H X 31’L

Connie M. and her son worked with Travis to create their dream bike shop near a state park in Montana. 

“When it was all said and done it turned out really cool,” Travis said. “They did a copper panel on the front, it’s not as heavy duty metal as our building but doesn’t need to be because our endwalls are non-load bearing.”

Connie and her son also purchased a curve track and liner panel to show metal on the ceiling while covering insulation. 

“They can tuck everything behind it but leave a metal look with a shallower corrugation and it follows the building’s contour or radius,” he said.

The challenge to this project was that Connie and her son had some issues with their contractors, who weren’t familiar with SteelMaster’s products. That’s where Travis used his problem-solving skills and technical knowledge to help fix their issues.

“A lot of things didn’t line up, so there were leaking issues and it was bad. I was able to help them trace it back, correct the problem, and help them save the project.”

There were many people involved in the project, and Travis worked to facilitate a plan between everyone to keep things running smoothly. 

“I just had to coordinate a time to bring everyone together to fix any problems and miscommunication,” Travis said. “They brought on a new contractor and when the building was completed, they really liked it.”

q model quonset home wood panel front, windows, front door

Hope S. – Asheboro, North Carolina

Q-Model, 33’W X 16’H X 50’L

When Hope S. and her husband, Allen, purchased a Quonset hut from SteelMaster, they planned on using it as a barn. However, after they discovered the older home on the 8.5-acre property they purchased was infested with termites, they decided to build a Quonset hut home.

Travis helped the couple change the design to accommodate the load requirements for a home.

“I remember our I had several conversations with Travis,” Hope said. “He’s the one who told us which Quonset hut style would be the better. I’m glad we did go with that style after what we ended up doing.”

Hope was very pleased with Travis’ customer service skills and is grateful he helped her build her dream home.

“SteelMaster has been a very good company to work with. Travis was very easy to get a hold of every time I called and needed something or had a question, he was always there,” Hope said. “I would recommend if someone was wanting to do this that they would use SteelMaster as the company.”

red x model quonset garage with front door

Richard W. – Colonial Beach, Virginia

X-Model, 30’W X 16’H X 30’L

When customers like Richard W. choose to build their own endwalls, they still have the option to purchase doors from SteelMaster.

“A lot of times customers buy doors from us because of the fact that we know what needs to be done in order for a door to fit and be installed in one of our buildings,” Travis said. 

Richard chose a sectional garage door, which rolls back into the building. To do this, customers have to have the proper hardware to match their SteelMaster Quonset hut and connect the door to our building. 

“It goes back to slowing down and showing the customer my knowledge of the product,” Travis said. “While our garage door may be more expensive than others you see at hardware stores, it comes with everything you need to install it. When you pick up a door locally, they don’t include all of those things.”

In addition to getting a better total value on the door, customers can use Travis’ construction expertise if they have any questions with assembly. 

“They’ll always have me to push back on if they need technical help, there’s going to be no guessing,” he said. 

a model qounset building housing a rv

Dale M. – Summerton, South Carolina

X-Model, 40’W X 16’H X 62’L

When you purchase a building from SteelMaster, you’re more than just a customer. You become a part of a family that’s dedicated to helping you succeed.

“With Dale, this is especially true,” Travis said. “We still keep in touch on Facebook and say happy birthday to each other. He even congratulated me on a work anniversary.”

Dale purchased a building from Travis years ago and is thrilled with his RV storage building. He placed a shipping container behind the building for additional storage. 

Dale made sure to keep Travis updated on his project from start to finish by sending him photos along the way.

“You can tell when the customers are happy when you don’t even have to ask for pictures. He’s super happy with what he did, he’s a great guy,” Travis said. 

a model quonset home/shed with wooden exterior

Clint B. – Arlington, Washington

X-Model, 25’W X 13’H X 40’L

Clint B.’s project shows that if you want to add on to your building or extend it, you don’t always have to add arches. 

He took his project a step further than just creating custom endwalls, he built a wood addition to the back of his building. 

“If you have a skillset and access to materials like Clint did, you can take our building and use local materials to add on to it,” Travis said. 

Because SteelMaster’s endwalls are non-load bearing and do not structurally support the metal building, Clint just used the wall he built as a stabilizer for his addition. 

Clint ran into a challenge when his county asked him for additional engineering on his building, but Travis was able to help him get the documents he needed. 

“The county wanted to see extra engineering for permitting and we were able to provide that to him for a nominal fee. Typically, customers just receive state stamped blueprints free of charge from us, but we were able to provide the additional things he needed at a little extra cost.”

q model quonset home with stone end walls

Shauna M. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Q-Model, 35’W X 17’H X 46’L

While Quonset Huts were once used as temporary buildings for troops during war times, they have now become a booming trend in the housing industry.

“[Shauna’s project] was back when using Quonset huts as houses just started to become popular.”

Living in Oklahoma, Shauna is no stranger to wind or tornadoes. She wanted a building that was going to be durable against tornadoes. She also liked the fact that Quonset huts are very low maintenance.

“Even if you’re not living in the building, you don’t have to replace anything on it because it has the Galvalume Plus coating as well as the rust perforation warranty.”

Shauna used concrete blocks at the end of her arches, known as a “knee wall” or “stem wall.”

“It’s not typical but we can help incorporate non-standard foundation by using one of our baseplates. We provide the engineering for that and will stand by the warranty if you use the baseplate,” Travis said.

s model quonset building with metal end walls and front door

David S. – Rainelle, West Virginia

S-Model, 40’W X 16’H X 50’L

When SteelMaster’s steel endwalls were a little out of David’s budget, Travis helped him come up with a more cost-effective solution. 

“As much as I love selling our products, my end goal is to make the customer happy and provide them with an end solution no matter how they do it,” Travis said. “David was able to gain the metal look with something called propanel.”

David’s project took a while to complete, but Travis made sure to check in with him periodically to make sure his project was running smoothly.

“Some of these projects can take months, even years,” he said.

However, Travis enjoys seeing the final result and knowing that he was able to help someone create their dream structure.

“It feels great. It’s cool to see how you were able to help out or influence and guide a customer through to the completion of their project.”

q model quonset home with wooden end walls, fron doors, many windows

Joyce B. – Poncha Springs, Colorado

Q-Model, 35’W X 18’H 52’L

Joyce B. chose SteelMaster because of our good reviews, high-quality products, and state stamped blueprints that came with her building free of charge.

“We were also a solution with insulation,” Travis said. “I explained the benefits of spray foam insulation and SteelMaster’s batten insulation to her. She ended up going with the batten insulation from us and purchased our industrial base connector and anchor bolts as well.”

Joyce was leaning towards purchasing from competitors when she saw their lower prices but Travis helped educate her on why SteelMaster’s products are worth the investment. 

“It took a little bit to gain her trust,” Travis said. “But I just explained to her that products are of higher quality and how the cost is worth it over time.”

s model quonset building with brick front and back ends, two floors, porch, windows and doors

George S. – Hamilton, Texas

S-Model, 30’W X 25’H X 26’L

Artist George S. wanted a Quonset hut home for his farm that fit his eclectic style. 

“When you use a SteelMaster building as a home, it’s already unique and not a lot of people are doing it, so it matched his style. The inside has a lot of quirky furniture and a lot of art,” Travis said. 
George wanted a true two-second story as opposed to a lofted second story, so his building is unusually high.

When customers come to Travis unique applications, he’s happy to help them find their ideal solution.

“I make sure to listen to the customer and see what they want to do,” Travis said. “It’s usually more economical to go with a smaller height but in this case, the customer really wanted it so we can accommodate it for a little extra money.”

a model quonset building with garage door, front door, and metal end wall

Patrick B. – Florence, Oregon

A-Model, 25’W X 16’H X 30’L

“Patrick was so easy to work with, he’s a great guy,” Travis said. “He had a ton of questions.”

Patrick bought many parts and accessories from Travis to create his dream garage. 

“Baseplates, doors, vents, adapters, flashing kits–If we had it he pretty much would take it,” Travis said.

While Patrick decided to enhance his Quonset hut with parts and accessories, not all customers feel the need to do the same. Travis makes sure to go through all of the options with them to see if they really need a certain part or accessory.

“With these parts and pieces for some people it works, and for others it doesn’t. It really depends on the application of the project,” Travis said.