Meet the SteelMaster Team: Seth Miller

Seth has been with SteelMaster Buildings for 3 years and is currently an integral member of the senior elite team in the residential department.

Seth won the Manager’s Choice Award in 2021 due to his outstanding teamsmanship and thrives with working with his customers to provide the best possible customer service.

“I always make sure that my customers know their project is personal to them. I do what I can to find the best solution for them and make them happy at the end of the day,” Seth said. 


Seth’s favorite memory at SteelMaster was having the chance to visit a local SteelMaster building that was purchased 25 years ago.

When I first started, we went out to Pungo [Virginia Beach] to see an old building, and it looked the same as when he bought it. No leakage, it looked brand new.”

S model quonset hut with no endwall

Danielle B. – Medina, Texas

Q-Model, 20’W X 10’H X 20’L

Have you ever dreamed of having the perfect vacation without having to leave your house? This SteelMaster customer did just that.

Danielle called into SteelMaster searching for a building to protect her family from the Texas heat.

Seth assisted in finding her the perfect model within her budget.

Upon delivery, Danielle had a local contractor quickly assemble the building. Then, she found a local carpenter to build the cabinets into the arches.

Now, she and her family enjoy shaded picnics from the blazing Texas sun. 

“We’re really enjoying the space,” Danielle said.


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Canopy/awning with camper underneath

Pete S. – Ridgefield, Washington

C-Model, 16’W X 14’H X 28’L

When looking for a carport for his airstream, SteelMaster customer Pete knew exactly where to look.

Pete had done plenty of research and knew SteelMaster’s product would be the most durable.

“He wanted something that he could put up, be sturdy and be good to go. Many of our competitors use thin posts and then just sheeting on the exterior,” Seth said. 

Now, Pete’s airstream is protected from the elements in between camping trips.

My parents are big into camping, so it was a bit of a bonding experience having that in common with him.”

X model quonset hut with two different sized doors in endwall

David O. – Gustavus, Alaska

X-Model, 36’W X 20’H X 59’L

When SteelMaster customer Kory O showed his father David his SteelMaster building, David was sold.

David is the owner of a Bed and Breakfast in Gustavus, Alaska and was searching for a building to keep the equipment secure throughout the treacherous winters.

Seth was presented with a challenge with the snow load being so heavy in Alaska. However, Seth was able to find the correct gauge to withstand all weather conditions.

David went with a custom end wall for the front and kept the back steel due to the low maintenance required.

Seth said, “I love seeing my buildings as completed projects. Not only is it a good feeling for myself because that’s something I helped create and get out for the customer, but it also is a great feeling when the customer enjoys the product and wants to send us pictures. They want to show off what they got, and I think that’s awesome.”

S model quonset hut with yellow endwall

Peter K. – San Antonio, Texas

S-Model 12’W X 11’H X 20’L

SteelMaster customer Peter K. called in looking for a storage structure for his backyard.

He was familiar with our products and knew he wanted to add custom end walls to match the residential look to his home.

Upon delivery, Peter was able to erect the building with the help of a couple of friends.

“If you want a building you’re going to put up and never have to touch again, that’s our style, that’s why you go with us,” Seth said. 

S model quonset hut with no endwalls

Chris L. – Gladewater, Texas

S-Model, 24’W X 12’H X 24’L

SteelMaster customer Chris called in looking for a carport to place over existing foundation on his property.

Seth worked diligently on a tight deadline to get Chris the sale model price, and he succeeded.

Chris had chosen SteelMaster over other companies due to the durability of our buildings.

“Strength and longevity. The engineering and quality of our buildings is what separates us from other projects,” Seth said.

S model quonset hut home with awning

 Emily B. – Esmont, Virginia

S-Model, 34’W X 15’H X 34’L

SteelMaster customer Emily B. called in looking for a garage to match the exterior of her home, and Seth was happy to assist.

Emily needed a custom size garage door for her building in order to maximize the space. 

Emily went with local materials to make her custom end wall, including the windows and lighting. 

“We have some of the most creative customers in the world. Watching them take just the shell of our structures and framing their end walls and making it their own is such a cool experience to see,” Seth said.