Meet the SteelMaster Team: Matt Littlefield

Matt Littlefield has been with SteelMaster for seven years and is currently an Aftermarket Specialist. He has assisted customers in all 50 states with post purchase needs, ranging from technical construction support to assisting customers in creating their dream building by adding parts and accessories to their structures.

Matt thrives in his position and says that working with his customers is the most rewarding aspect of his career.

“I’m very much a people person. I love getting to know my customers and being able to solve problems as they arise. For example, if they are having a hard time with permitting, I like being able to help them get to a resolution,” Matt said.


S model snow rated quonset hut with green endwall

Katie King – Kila, Montana

S-Model, 24’W X 12’H X 30’L

Katie K. called in searching for the perfect building for a home office in Montana. Therefore, it needed to withhold a heavy snow load.

“This is one of my favorite projects,” Matt said.

Matt assisted Katie in making modifications to her foundation, making it more cost effective and easier overall for the installer.

Katie is extremely happy with her building as it has withstood several snowstorms.

SteelMaster buildings are manufactured with the highest quality steel on the market. Therefore, they are designed and engineered to be weather resistant in all extremes.

“Since the beginning of time, when man created buildings, it all goes back to the arch. The loads that an arch can carry are just mind boggling,” Matt said.

Now, Katie rents out her luxurious cabin in the woods on Airbnb!


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S model quonset hut with steel endwall and roll up door

Carl DeLacey – Punta Gorda, Florida

XS-Model, 50’W X 18’H X 61’L

Living in Florida off and on throughout his life, SteelMaster customer Carl D. is used to hurricanes. Punta Gorda was hit by hurricane Charley in 2004 and Carl heard of the devastation left in its path.

He called SteelMaster Buildings, searching for a building to use for storage and a hurricane shelter. Carl had recently bought a small farm about 17 miles away from his home where he kept his RV, trailer, four-wheeler and other “toys,” which he wanted to make sure would be safe during hurricane season.

Matt assisted Carl with the blueprints and design of his concrete foundation, which would be an integral part of keeping his building sturdy throughout the hurricane.

Carl’s building sustained no damage throughout the hurricane, which had reported 130 mph winds.

“Matt Littlefield was extremely helpful, extremely patient with me. The SteelMaster organization seemed like a company I wanted to work with,” Carl said.

A model quonset hut with red endwall and steel roll up door

John Swenson – Virginia Beach, Virginia

A-Model, 25’W X 15’H X 20’L

Living in Virginia Beach, John S. is no stranger to hot summers. When he called into SteelMaster looking for a workshop for his backyard, keeping it climate controlled was an important factor.

“Pretty much anybody who will spend a significant amount of time in their building would want heating or cooling,” Matt said. “You would want insulation if the external and internal temperature are two different numbers because when that happens, it causes moisture to build up and condensation on the inside of the building so there must be a vapor barrier. If there isn’t, it would cause mold, fungus, which are both atrocities to our lungs which need to be avoided.”

Additionally, all our buildings are coated with Galvalume plus which is a dry, organic coating made to reflect the sunlight off the building, keeping the interior 15-20% cooler inside than outside.

John went with custom end walls with local materials to match the aesthetic of his home and is extremely happy with his SteelMaster building!


Steel carport with car underneath

Ron Kohler – Frederick, Maryland

C-Model, 12’W X 8’H X 18’L

Ron K. called into SteelMaster looking for a carport to protect his Audi from the elements.

Living in Frederick, Maryland, Ron is accustomed to heavy winds and needed a building that would be durable. He had seen local carports that had been destroyed by high winds and he wanted something that would last.

Matt assisted Ron with finding the bolts for the concrete, making the carport stronger than most.

When asked if Ron would be able to move his carport if needed, Matt replied, “Absolutely. That’s another added benefit to our carports. Not only are they durable but they’re completely portable.”

S model quoinset hut with steel endwall and roll up door

James Webber -Sanstone, West Virginia

XS-Model, 34’W X 18’H X 59’L

The Sanstone mountains of West Virginia provide a beautiful backdrop for James’ Webber’s building.

He contacted SteelMaster looking for a dual-purpose building for his company Mountain Machine as well as providing storage space.

After he purchased his building and hired a local contractor to assemble it, Matt assisted James with the accessories to bring his building to the next level, including industrial base connector and window frames.

“He did a really great job on his building,” Matt said.