Get To Know Hayden Story

Hayden Story has been working at SteelMaster for 6 years and is currently a Senior Building Specialist/Project manager in the residential department. Hayden has a background in construction and is following his father’s footsteps as a SteelMaster employee.

Hayden has experience working with customers in all 50 states, specializing in Idaho and covering a variety of projects. From back yard sheds, to designing remote homes in the mountains, Hayden always values the customer experience despite any challenges that arise.

“With every city in every state having different rules and parameters, it makes due-diligence and double-checking crucial. Especially for my customers in hard-to-reach places where concrete crews for construction and typical designs aren’t applicable and we have to brainstorm original methods to create a solution.”


Hayden’s years of experience put his customers at ease throughout the buying process.

“When someone reaches out to us, I see it as a person with a problem. Not a customer, but an opportunity to provide a solution. When you believe in a product as much as I do, it stops becoming something you have to sell; and more so something you’re trying to share.

And, Hayden always ensures that his customers are comfortable every step of the way.

“With most people being unfamiliar with the building/permitting/engineering world; I take pride in making what’s sometimes an uncharted and cumbersome process, feel like a smooth and well navigated experience.”

See the list below for some of his list of notable projects he’s worked on during his time at SteelMaster.

Multiple quonset huts with and without endwalls

Harold S. — East Dover, VT

Q-Model, 30’W X 15’H X 40’L

Harold S. called in looking for a garage that would have enough space to store his three sports cars. Living in Vermont, Harold had a heavy snow load to adhere to, as well as living on slope.

Hayden knew he would have to find a building to accommodate the snow load requirement and that could be raised on concrete to level out the slope.

“I see it as the guy who needs someone like me. Because I’m going to be able to take the time and figure out what he needs within his budget versus someone that’s just trying to sell him a project that’s not going to work.”

When asked how he helps customers assist in finding a building that’s the correct size, Hayden replied, “I like to use things that are a good frame of reference, something that everyone can picture. If you’re looking for a two-car garage with extra workshop space and don’t know exactly what that means, dimension wise; but then I tell you a Walmart parking space is 9×18, things start to become easier to envision”

Harold went with custom front end walls to match the residential look of his home and is extremely happy with how the project turned out.


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Q style quonset hut with red endwall - A style with red endwall and window

Richard D. – Lancaster, KY

Q-Model, 30’W X 15’H X 32’L

SteelMaster customer Richard called in looking for two buildings; a garage for Richard’s auto workshop, and a she-shed for his wife.

Richard wanted the two buildings to have the log cabin look, and luckily had the lumber on-site to build custom end-walls to give it a more residential look.

Because the property was not flat, getting things leveled again presented a bit of a challenge. Hayden explained, “Overall cost is a big concern because if you’re on a big hill it’ll be more concrete for the foundation. More labor for the concrete. Etc. So, we will work with them to find a different configuration or size building that will be more aligned with their budget.”

Richard and his wife are both extremely happy with the way their buildings turned out!

“Getting to see the fruition of our work, it’s awesome. I want to see something that will be there forever,” Hayden said.

A model quonset hut with vinyl endwall and green trim

Mike S. – Canton, MN

A-Model, 17’W X 12’H X 24’L

SteelMaster customer Mike S. called in looking for a garage to store his Ford truck. He loved the A-model look and wanted to achieve an aesthetic that matches the residential aspect of his property.

He went with board and batten siding and achieved the look he was going for and is overall very happy with his experience with SteelMaster.

Hayden thrives when working with customers like Mike S. and said, “The facts are where I reside. I want to take you into the world where it’s just numbers and yes and no questions. We can compare options apples to apples, and you pick it for the best solution.”

A model quonset hut with vinyl endwall and wooden door

Dan M. – West Havin, UT

A-Model, 25’W X 13’H X 24’L

Dan M. was skeptical when he called in looking for garage to assemble in his backyard. Due to his property lines being so close to the fences, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to build his dream garage.

However, Hayden was able to use his expertise to help him every step of the way.

“Giving the customer the reassurance that the permitting process will go smoothly is the most important part. It’s a lot of trust in the beginning.”

Hayden’s due diligence and confidence in the product ensured that the process would be streamlined. Hayden sent Dan the building plans and made sure the hand off ran smoothly. The building was approved without a hitch and Dan M. loves his new garage.

X model quonset hut with concrete foundation with roll up door

Steve M. – West Boylston, MA

X-Model, 28’W X 16’H X 28’L

With Massachusetts being a heavy snow state, purchasing a X-model for his garage seemed like a no-brainer for Steve. However, he had a 14-foot-tall door that the X-models typically do not have the clearance for.

After brainstorming between Steve and Hayden, they concluded that by assembling the building on a stem wall, they could level out the hill and achieve the height Steve wanted. Ultimately, Steve was able to utilize the garage door and maximize the space of the building.

“Instead of being limited with a model, you can achieve what you’re looking for just by thinking outside of the box,” Hayden said. “It was the best of both worlds. Steve got a great deal, and he got the height he was looking for.”

S model quonset hut with brown vinyl endwall and wooden door

Tom S. – Mansfield, CT

S-Model, 24’W X 14’H X 26’L

When SteelMaster customer Tom S. called in looking for a building to store his old school cars, Hayden knew exactly how to assist.

“He really liked the old gas station look to it, so he wanted to do his own sliding door.”

For the rear of the building, Tom decided to keep the steel end-walls due to the lack of maintenance they require.

Hayden continues, “I try to get people the best of both worlds as much as I can. Have a specific aesthetic you need? Build the end with local materials. Not plan on using the back that’s up against the property line? Then our steel is a solid solution because, again, zero maintenance goes a long way.”

Q style quonset hut shed with grey endwall and stone trim

Donald F. – Hat Island, WA

S-Model, 10’W X 10’H X 20’L

When customer Donald F. called into SteelMaster, he had a unique requirement.

He lived on an island, and he had to have his building shipped to him by ferry.

Additionally, with him living near water, high winds were also a concern.

“We calculate snow, wind, collateral, all the above. Anything that needs to be accounted for, we account for it,” Hayden said.

Once delivered, Donald installed the building himself.

“We design the buildings to be put together by the everyday customer,” Hayden said.

“When you’re doing a free-standing wall, the real issue is not the building of the wall itself but how to attach it to the steel. So, when you’re doing something that already has pre-punched holes and the hardware’s available, all you’re going to do is lag it to the top of the steel and then we go the extra mile to give you a trim kit that will go around the wall and hide any blemishes.”

Assembly and finished product of quonset hut

Edward W. – Joshua Tree, CA

S-Model, 25’W X 13’H X 30’L

SteelMaster customer Edward W. called in searching for a garage that could withstand the intense climate of the California desert.

Hayden assisted Edward in finding the perfect building that can survive in climates where the summers are sweltering, and the winters are freezing. Because our buildings are covered in Galvalume Plus coating, the building will remain climate controlled.

They settled on an S-model that will be used for a garage. Edward went with steel end walls versus custom end walls because he was looking for rigidity and longevity over aesthetics.

“For someone that will not be on the property 365 days out of the year, steel end walls are perfect because they provide security.”

Ronald D. – Grass Valley, CA

R-Model, 12’W X 3’H X 12’L

When customer Ronald D. called SteelMaster, he had a clear vision in mind.

His dream was to build a gazebo with a steel roofing system and have a garage/workshop powered by solar panels. And luckily, he already had some of the materials.

It was up to Hayden to determine the best model to satisfy his customer’s needs and make his dream backyard come true.

“Our posts for carports are going to be handling the load as well as the steel on top but its already a configuration we have in-house. Whereas on this project since the customer already had the posts, we created a new configuration. Something to mount our steel to his posts and how to anchor.”

Container cover quonset hut with awning on each side

 Karl A. – San Antonio, Texas

Q-Model, 50’W X 14.5’H X 38’L

Many customers, like Karl A., convert their existing shipping containers into functional and secure storage or working area with SteelMaster’s container cover roofs.

“When you’re working with container covers, you have a customer that has something they’re trying to utilize. So, what you must do is not only configure the best method of attaching the structure to it, but how to utilize the space in between the containers.”

Karl wanted to use the space on top of the containers for storage. The building was mounted to the outer edge of the containers and got a good span in between them so Karl could utilize the maximum amount of space.

Karl also added the lean-tos to the containers for shade as well to achieve more space.