Meet the SteelMaster Team: Greg Broderick

After working in SteelMaster’s customer service and residential departments, Greg Broderick has settled into his role as a senior project manager for our commercial team.

Working in the industry for over a decade, Greg is truly an expert in all things Quonset hut. 
See the list below for some of the most notable projects he’s worked on during his time at SteelMaster.

multiple model quonset buildings in community

True North – Detroit, Michigan

S-Model, 25’W x 15’H x 34’L

True North is an award-winning real estate project in the Core City neighborhood of Detroit made from eight SteelMaster Quonset huts.

Philip Kafka of Prince Concepts was inspired to use Quonset huts after seeing a photo of one in a book about World War II. He realized that the prefab metal buildings were both cost-effective and could be quickly assembled. 

“The pictures are the best part,” Greg said. “We don’t get to see the buildings firsthand a lot of the time, so when we receive cool pictures around the property it really allows me to see the work come to life.

caterpillar steel quonset style building
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The Caterpillar – Detroit, Michigan

Q-Model, 46’W x 23’H x 192’L

The Caterpillar is another housing project designed by real estate developer Philip Kafka. 

According to Prince Concepts, The Caterpillar will have six special residential units and two live/work units in one large 46’ wide x 192’ long SteelMaster Q-Model hut.

Greg says while the building is standard in its single radius design, there were a lot of custom details. 

The biggest priority of the project was ensuring the design could be made by the engineers at the factory. The windows were the most complicated aspect to the building, and there are a total of 36 openings per side. 

Caterpillar won the 2021 Architizer A+Product Award for Best in Facades. Architizer’s A+Product Awards is the largest awards program for architecture and building products, celebrated by a global audience of 400+ million.

“My initial reaction to the building design was I’m going to try my best to bring their vision to life and make it happen,” Greg said. “The customer has an issue and wants a solution. We’re always going to see if we can solve it.”

q model steel quonset buildings for army use, all green

D-Day Memorial Buildings – Bedford, Virginia

Q-Model, 40’W X 20’H X 60’L & Q-Model, 25’W X 13’H X 60’L & Q-Model, 40’W X 20’H X 61’L

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation started construction on its first Quonset hut in 2016. Since then, they’ve added two additional buildings to their property. The Quonset huts are painted an olive green to match the military-inspired look of the grounds.

“This is probably my favorite build. I have visited it a couple of times,” Greg said. “My kids were actually able to enjoy it [too], which was a cool experience.”

Greg says that design-wise, the large side openings were the most challenging aspect of the build.

steel arches over commercial building

M-K-T Heights – Houston, Texas

T-Model, 21’W X 11’H X 10’L 

M-K-T Heights opened in 2020, completely transforming the previous 200,000 square feet of industrial buildings with a creative and quirky design. Part of the transformation includes SteelMaster Quonset hut awnings that welcome visitors into the building.

“The biggest challenge was the architect had a custom profile that he wanted for this building,” said Eric Engelland, the project manager for the project’s general contractor. ”What [SteelMaster] produces is typically pre-engineered hut. So it was figuring out how you all can make what [the architect] wanted based on what you all are capable of.”

Greg was able to use his decades of experience in creating custom building solutions to help the architect and Eric to finalize a design so the steel arches tied into the building’s roof seamlessly.

In addition to installing the awning, the team of steel erectors put framing to attach white plaster underneath the arches for local artists to paint murals.

“Receiving the material, installing the material, and the quality of the material was pretty great,” Eric remarked.

steel quonset shells being constructed

TNT Salvage – Brunswick, Georgia

A-Model, 20’W X 14’H X80’L

This deal was Greg’s tightest turnaround in his years at SteelMaster. He was just about to leave the office one day when he got a call that a customer needed a building in a week and a half.

Not only did the company need the building quickly, but it was for a very unique use. The company was salvaging a tanker ship that ran aground and ended up on its side. They needed buildings to put on the ship for coverage while they opened up the ship. 

They wanted liftable buildings, which usually take a good amount of time to produce. 

“We actually had to talk to the head of the factory about the build. They luckily had a custom order that was not finished. We used that material and got it to them on time,” Greg said.

steel carports in parking lot

Knight Transportation – Glendale, AZ

C-Model, 16’W, 8’H, 20’L

This was a notable project due to the number of carports the customer ordered.

“I’ve sold over 30 carports to this company and they’re all across the country in about 8 or 9 different states.”

The company uses the carports as picnic shelters for employees.

steel container covers

KwikSpace – Guam

R-Model, 66W’ X 8’H X 100’L

This double container cover in Guam has double paneled 12 gauge steel due to Guam’s high wind load requirements. 

The project was Greg’s first big build and first shipment to Guam as well.

“Luckily, we work with great shipping companies which allowed the process to go so smoothly,” he said.

A unique aspect of this building was the time difference and when Greg could communicate with the customer. 

“I was answering the phone at 2 a.m. in my kitchen to get this deal done,” he said.

long steel quonset style building infield, agricultural use

Los Milics Winery – Elgin, Arizona

XS-Model, 50’W X 20’H X 155’L

This 90 foot long building is similar to “The Caterpillar” design, but with less side openings. The building is used as a tasting room, office and barrel room.

“The endwall is pushed in a little bit, which made this really unique because it is challenging when wind and other elements get into that area,” Greg said.

For this project, Greg worked with architect Tommy Suchart of Chen + Suchart Studio, who are known for their award-winning designs in Arizona.

“Greg was fantastic to work with,” Suchart said. “Extremely helpful and knowledgeable, pointing us in the right direction and getting us details, and cluing us in for people who had never done this before. He was extremely critical to the success of the project, along with the people who put it together.”

s model steel quonset buildings for commercial use

Sam One Enterprise, LLC. – East Wenatchee, Washington

XS-Model, 50’W X 18’H X 24’L

When Greg was first assigned this project, the building use was a bit of a head-scratcher.

“My initial reaction was ‘What’s Bitcoin mining?” He said. “I’ve only read about it a couple of times, but I think I get it now.”

To summarize, Bitcoin miners essentially get paid for their work as auditors. They verify previous bitcoin transactions.

The project happened completely by chance. Rhae Adams, the CEO of SteelMaster, was skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and met a contractor who had a client that was looking for a unique building. Of course, Rhae knew of a perfect solution. 

Because so many computers were inside, proper ventilation was necessary to ensure there is enough circulation for the hot air to escape. Since the vents were all in the endwall, it made things much easier but was challenging nonetheless. 

“It was definitely a one-of-a-kind and custom build but I think it turned out really cool.” 

interior and exterior view of long steel quonset style building

ARC III Family, LLC. – Virginia Beach, Virginia

S-Model, 16’W X 18’H X 100’L

Initially, the client wanted a carport to cover the walkway between two buildings. However, as the idea developed Greg worked with Rick Clarke to design a building for a completely covered walkway. 

This structure is a one-of-a-kind building to building connection because of its narrowness and height. There were specific dimensions that needed to be met due to the warehouse’s 14’ X 16’ door.

Because of the building’s height, the gauge had to be increased which is out of the ordinary.

construction of q model quonset building

Corp Inc Construction – Salem, Oregon

XQ-Model, 80’W X 25’H X 120’L & S-Model, 30W X 15’H X 50’L 

The size of this building is one of the most unique factors of this project, with a width of 80 feet. 

“It’s so rare for us to sell buildings this big. We have to get the gauge right with the factory and the price right with the customer.”

Greg says company owner Don Annotti liked the simplicity of the Quonset hut because of how fast he could put it up and the 100 percent usable space inside. 

Don ended up being so impressed with his building that he purchased a second Quonset hut to use as a garage and general storage building.

q model quonset building for commercial use or storage

Calgon Carbon Corporation – Catlettsburg, Kentucky

T-Model, 50’W X 22’H X 80’L

While this project may not be the most visually exciting, Greg found this custom project interesting because the building lands on two different elevations. He says the elevation made the project unusual. 

“It’s a T-Model [roofing system]–a big one at that–and had some complications with the ground,” he said. “Slope and drain issues took a decent amount of work ensuring everything fits well together.”

Steel arch container cover tan containers multiple trucks parked lifts parked under container cover

Nan, Inc. – Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

XR-Model, 47’W X 13’H X 40’L

This project was distinctive because it’s located on the remote island of Kwajalein Atoll.

“It’s literally a speck of land,” Greg said. 

Although the small island was secluded, shipping was easy because the company handled the logistics once the material was delivered to California. 

The container cover is also portable, which is rare.


S-Model, 12’W X 11’H X 18’L

Volkswagen came to SteelMaster when they needed a building to park and hide their newest vehicles from the public to ensure people won’t find out all of the details ahead of their release.

The project has been delayed, but Greg is excited to see the pictures when it’s finally built.