Meet the SteelMaster Team: Courtney Pritchard

From design to construction, Courtney Pritchard is an expert on arch-style structures.

She started her career at SteelMaster in 2015 as part of our residential department, selling buildings first, then transitioning into an after-market sales and support position.

Courtney also ran department-wide training on snow loads and custom homes. 

Her interest in custom designs and her willingness and ability to learn have made her a great fit in SteelMaster’s commercial design team, which she joined in April 2020.

“I enjoy the technical part of working on the commercial team and creating custom building solutions,” she said.

Whether it is looking at architectural drawings or simply listening to the customer’s requests, Courtney says she “likes to help bring the clients vision to life.”

Courtney’s favorite part of working at SteelMaster is helping customers find a structure that fits their specific needs then seeing pictures of the finished product.

“I want the customer to have the right solution and for it to be functional. This often takes slowing the customer down and showing them that I am the product expert and that they are in good hands.” Courtney says.

By helping the client from start to finish, Courtney says she often feels a personal connection to both the customer and the project.

See the list below for some of her most notable projects she’s worked on during her time at SteelMaster.

steel quonset style container covers

Andy F. – Edisto Island, South Carolina

R-Model, 40’W X 13’H X 40’L

Initially, customer Andy F. purchased a 10’ X 10’ shed from SteelMaster; however as his After-Market Specialist, Courtney discovered he was also interested in purchasing a container cover to create a workshop.
“He is a super cool guy. They get hurricanes in his area, so we designed it with arch material endwalls to accommodate his wind load,” Courtney said.
SteelMaster’s standard endwalls have a 3.25 inch corrugation but our arch panels have a 7.5 inch corrugation, helping them withstand high winds. 
“You’re going to have a 20+ foot tall building once the roof is on top of containers, in some cases,” Courtney said. “So when the wind loads are high, we’re going to switch to arch panels to combat racking, which can cause the bolts to loosen.”
Container buildings have gained popularity in recent years and can be used for many different applications including workshops, equipment storage and more.
Andy chose to paint his containers and endwalls with acrylic paint, but decided not to paint the arches so the building’s Galvalume Plus coating would still reflect sunlight. 
The reflective coating keeps the interior of the building cooler and doesn’t have the greasy residue of old-style Galvalume, which makes it much easier to paint if you chose to do so.  
“Andy has been a great customer and has even gotten other potential buyers in touch with me,” Courtney said.  “A happy customer is the best marketing we can do!”

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steel quonset style container covers

Karl A. – Pleasington, Texas

R-Model, 50’W X 14’H X 40’L

Karl A.’s project was another parts deal that turned into a container cover sale.
“Karl originally bought a Q-Model on clearance, but when he told me he was going to put the building on containers, we made the necessary adjustments to turn the standard building into a container cover,” Courtney said. “He was a super interesting guy with a ton of great ideas, so I was ecstatic to see his dream become a reality!”
Karl enclosed his container cover with SteelMaster endwalls and built his own lean-to structures on either side of the building using materials he already had and some he picked up locally.
Courtney says when customers like Karl come to her with a concept in mind, it’s important to really listen to their ideas and steer them in the right direction. 
“I make sure to spend that time with the person the first time we get on the phone,” she said. “My approach is taking the customer’s dream and ensuring we provide the correct solution to make that dream come true. I want them to come out happy at the end, that’s what is most important.”

steel quonset style container covers

William P. – Bay City, Texas

XR-Model, 56’W X 16’H X 40’L

William P. uses his container cover building for equipment storage. Because Bay City can have up to 130 mile per hour winds, he also used arch panels for his building’s endwalls. 
William enlisted the help of Danny Forbess of S.O.K. Construction, who specializes in building arch-style structures. 
“It was really muddy and raining the whole time they put the building up, but they got it up in four or five days,” Courtney said. 
SteelMaster customers and choose to put their building up themselves or hire contractors depending on their skill level.
“For commercial projects, a lot of the customers are from construction companies purchasing for a client, so they’re definitely going to put it up themselves,” Courtney said. “Or sometimes clients happen to do something where they have equipment and knowledge they need to put it up themselves.” 
a model steel quonset garage next to home

Alec M. – Summerville, South Carolina

A-Model, 25’W X 15’H X 34’L

Alec M., a pilot, came to SteelMaster for a garage at his home. He also hired Danny Forbess to install the structure. 
“[The crew] showed up at 8 a.m. and had the arches bolted together and laid out by 10:30 a.m. All of the arches were raised and secured to the base plate by 5 p.m. The next day they came back and installed the endwalls,” Courtney said. “The whole building was done in less than two full days.”
During the purchasing process, Courtney went above and beyond, which prompted Alec to send her one of the cross necklaces he makes from the steel of decommissioned airliners as a thank you. 
Courtney says fostering relationships with customers is extremely important in her line of work and is what she enjoys most about the job.
“I still have relationships with a lot of my customers,” Courtney said. “Building a personal relationship with customers helps build the confidence that they have in our company and in me, showing them that I not only have the knowledge to get their project done but also the personal investment to see it through.”

s model quonset home with pained front end, garage, door and windows. interior of quonset home

Patrick R. – Milton, Florida

S-Model, 40’W X 19’H X 30’L

When Patrick Ropella first contacted SteelMaster, he was looking for a shed to store his tools.
“I moved all the tools into one of your buildings that I put behind my corporate headquarters, which looks like a Mediterranean estate,” Patrick said. “When I saw how easy it was to put up and how fast it went up and the cost in comparison to putting up a stick building, I thought it was actually kind of fun.”
It only took Patrick and a few employees to assemble the entire shell of the building.
“Me and three of my employees had a fun couple of weekend projects with a lift and we built it ourselves,” he said. “We did it partly because I thought it would go by faster and be less expensive to build than a stick-built building to get the shell done, but we also had a lot of fun doing it. That was one of the main reasons I did it.”
Overall, Patrick says he was impressed with the quality of SteelMaster’s product and Courtney’s excellent customer service.
“I think the quality of what you guys built is really tight, no issues there. The quality of your blueprints and the delivery was perfect, I had zero issues with any of that,” he said. [Courtney] has been super professional.”
He is currently in talks with Courtney about purchasing a third SteelMaster building for his property.
“We’re thinking about adding another one on our property for more offices with the idea that we would do a big two-story, a 30’ X 80’. The upper level would be my art studio, exercise studio, and tv studio and the lower level would be all offices.”