Southern California Metal Buildings: Sheds, Garages, Storage & More

Whether you are a Southern Californian in search of a backyard shed or garage, barn, warehouse, heavy equipment storage building or home, SteelMaster offers a wide variety of models and sizes and can design a building to meet your specific needs.

Read about the projects below to learn more about SteelMaster and how our customers have utilized our Quonset huts for their building needs.

Steel framed Quonset hut garage boat and RV parked inside concrete slab dirt ground blue sky

Boat Storage Building in Apple Valley

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size: 34’W X 18’H X 44’L

This customer opted for a classic steel endwall for his structure. Not only does he have space to store his boat inside, but he also uses it to store his RV!

Steel framed Quonset hut garage desert mountains in the background

Garage in Ranchita

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size 35’W X 18’H X 78’L

Thousands of customers come to SteelMaster for a strong and affordable storage solution. This large steel building was purchased back in 2007 and is used as a garage.

multiple unit Quonset hut workshop and garage wood framed canopy desert

Art Studio & Workshop in Joshua Tree

  • Model Type: S-Model
  • Size 30’W X 21’H X 50’L

Artist Bobby Furst uses his SteelMaster Quonset huts for studio space and a workshop. Furst planned on buying only one building for his studio and create a living space with a bathroom and kitchen, but he quickly realized he needed to add another to use solely as a workshop due to an overabundance of sawdust that was created when he cut wood for his artwork.

Steel framed Quonset hut garage concrete foundation gray endwall van under cover parked

Garage in Bakersfield

  • Model type: A-Model
  • Size: 30’W X 16’H X 36’L

This garage is used to protect vintage cars from the elements. It has a custom endwall with a garage door and man door.

Quonset hut workshop dirt ground blue sky gray door mountains in the distance

Workshop in Landers

  • Model Type: S-Model
  • Size: 30’W X 15’H X 50’L

This Quonset hut was created by Marie Goebel, the owner of the design + build company Steel Hut Concepts. This workshop was her first experience assembling a Quonset hut, where she learned the ins and outs of the construction.

Quonset hut garage basketball hoop desert mountains in background palm trees in front

Garage in Phelan

  • Model Type – A-Model
  • Size: 32’W X 14’H X 24’L

This steel garage was purchased over a decade ago, and the owner is still pleased with his experience. He even became a member of our referral program!

Quonset hut garage inside black sports car parked concrete slab

Garage in Simi Valley

  • Model type: A-Model
  • Size: 17’W X 12’H X 46’L

With a custom front that looks like it’s part of the owner’s home, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell this SoCal garage is a Quonset hut until you open the doors! Like all Quonset huts, this garage has plenty of space inside for storage because it doesn’t have any beams or trusses.

Steel framed rood long table four pillars pool large potted plants

Roof in San Bernardino

  • Model Type: R-Model
  • Size: 19’W X 40’L

SteelMaster’s metal roof systems have been used for patio covers, barns, retail locations and homes. This prefab metal roof is covering an outdoor eating and entertainment area.

Steel framed RV storage air stream trailer parked gravel ground

Carport in Santa Barbara

  • Model Type – Carport
  • Size: 16’W X 11’H X 30’L

When you make a major investment, you certainly want to do everything you can to protect it. This Southern California carport is used to protect the customer’s Airstream trailer.

Quonset hut shed desert concrete slab

Shed in Twentynine Palms

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size: 10’W X 10’H X 12’L

SteelMaster’s DIY shed kits are specifically designed to give customers the best quality storage at a competitive price. This customer was inspired to build a tiny Quonset hut after seeing a post on our Instagram page.

Quonset hut workshop sunset desert mountains mountains bush in front of workshop

Garage in Pioneertown

  • Model Type – Q-Model
  • Size: 25’W X 12’H X 24’L

The owner of this SteelMaster workshop opted for custom endwalls with siding and sliding wooden barn doors.

Quonset hut cabin wood porch rocky terrain boulders glass sliding door

Tiny Home in Pioneertown

  • Model Type – S-Model
  • Size: 12’W X 11’H X 16’L

This 10′ X 10′ X 10′ shed is the smallest building SteelMaster offers. It’s perfect for backyard and smaller storage needs.

Steel framed Quonset hut garage grass field mountains in background palm tree wind direction indicator

Garage in California City

  • Model type: A-Model
  • Size: 16’W X 11’H X 28’L

This photo shows a building mid-construction. One of the greatest advantages of purchasing a prefabricated steel building kit is that it’s simple to assemble. If you can turn a wrench, chances are you can build a Quonset hut.


Steel framed Quonset hut concrete slab dirt lot tall green trees background

Garage in San Diego

  • Model Type: A-Model
  • Size: 22’W X 12’H X 46’L

With years of experience, our team has worked with countless DIYers to design their dream garage. This San Diego garage has a steel front and rear endwall with a garage and man door.

Quonset hut steel framed garaged slate gray concrete slab dirt lot

Garage in Acton

  • Model Type – A-Model
  • Size: 25’W X 13’H X 40’L

SteelMaster’s durable, affordable and versatile Quonset hut garages are the perfect solution for your storage needs. This steel garage is used for restoring old cars.

Quonset hut workshop desert glass end wall concrete sculptures red brick ground

Workshop in Joshua Tree

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size: 20’W X 13’H X 36’L

Customer Robert Warner uses his SteelMaster workshop to create his handmade, custom leather clothing designs.

RV storage with attacvhed garage trampoline grass field pool with hot tub solar panels on top of RV storage

RV Storage & Carport in Riverside

  • Model Type – S-Model & Carport
  • Size: 20’W X 18’H X 50’L & 20’W X 15’H X 50’L

SteelMaster’s workshops are the shop buildings of choice for all types of hobby enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs.  Our workshops are the perfect place to organize, store and protect your valuable tools and machinery!

Quonset hut workshop brown inverted endwall garage with door open glass windows endwall split into 2 seperate buildings

Art Studio in Wrightwood

  • Model Type – XQ-Model
  • Size: 33’W X 16’H X 60’L

Customer David S. uses his SteelMaster building for his glass/neon art studio.

SteelMaster buildings are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious Southern Californians looking to build sustainable structures.

The special Galvalume Plus coating on our metal panels helps protect the steel and makes it more energy efficient. The organic steel coating does not require painting or maintenance and repels light, keeping inside temperatures 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the outside air. This is what gives our buildings an Energy Star rating.

Plus, there are many parts and accessories to maximize the sustainability of our environmentally friendly steel buildings. Installing renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power or hydropower can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the building and maximizing your eco-friendly building potential.

Southern California, most notably Los Angeles, is noted as the capital of the film industry in the United States. The Hollywood neighborhood is home to sever historical studios like Paramount, Warner Bros. RKO and Columbia.

While our buildings are primarily used as storage facilities, workshops and houses, they have also been featured in several movies and television shows. SteelMaster’s structures have appeared in Forces of Nature, Family Guy, Expendables, Dodgeball, Valiant, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, The A-Team, Are We There Yet, and in the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset huts are the perfect accessory for film sets, and not just because of their industrial aesthetic. They are cost-effective, which makes them easy to work in a movie budget. Plus, our buildings quick and easy to assemble, which means the cast and crew won’t have to wait long to start production. When filming is done, the steel building(s) can be easily taken down and moved to another location, or even used for equipment storage.