Learn More About Some Of Our Favorite Buildings In Hawaii

SteelMaster has customers on nearly every island of Hawaii, from Kauai to the Big Island.

Read about the projects below to learn more about SteelMaster and how our customers have utilized our Quonset huts for their building needs.

One steel a model quonset workshop with steel walkthrough door, and roll up garage door. In the background is another quonset hut with one garage door

Workshop & Man Cave in Keaau

  • Model type: A-Model & S-Model
  • Size: 20’W X 12’H X 24’L & 10’W X 10’H X 12’L

When customer Geno A. moved to Hawaii from Southern California in 2015, he needed to find a solution to store his belongings. He purchased two buildings: one for landscaping equipment and the other one to use as a workshop to work on his cars and surfboards. Because he had an electrical background, he decided to use an alternative form of energy to power his two Quonset huts—solar power.

Steel S Model Quonset Hut equipment storage painted gray with two doors on front painted gray with green trim. Man standing in opening of building with one tan sedan next to him. Military vehicles on left side of building.

Equipment Storage in Kapolei

  • Model type: S-Model
  • Size 35’W X 15’H X 34’L

There are plenty of options for you to customize your steel equipment storage building! It really has to do with what you are storing or trying to protect.  The owner of this SteelMaster equipment storage building used large doors in his endwall, which makes it easier to move large equipment in and out of his building.

Steel S model quonset hut agricultural storage with custom grey end wall , red walkthrough door and one white roll up garage door. Building is in the middle of a field.

Agricultural Storage in Kalaheo

  • Model Type: S-Model
  • Size 40’W X 16’H X 100’L

Hawaii is a very agricultural state due to its extremely rich soil from heavy rainfall and mild year-round climate. There are over 7,500 crop and livestock farms and over 30 percent of the state’s land usage is dedicated to farming. Our agricultural storage  buildings in Hawaii range from large buildings like the picture above to smaller storage sheds.

Steel Q model quonset hut home on a concrete slab with custom end wall painted dark blue. Has windows with white trim one walk through door painted white and one set of sliding doors with white trim.

House in Captain Cook

  • Model type: Q-Model
  • Size: 30’W X 15’H X 36’L

Classic Quonset huts that were once used as temporary buildings for troops during war times, has now become a booming trend in the housing industry. Arch houses are becoming a popular alternative because of the many cost and time-saving benefits they offer. This customer opted for bright blue endwalls with many windows to give natural light.

Steel quonset hut carport with chain link fencing around it various equipment inside.

Equipment Cover in Honolulu

  • Model Type: Carport
  • Size: 20’W X 15’H X 20’L

Our carports have been used in a variety of ways including protecting valuable industrial equipment. Their clear span design provides maximum usable space while also keeping your equipment out of the elements. This customer added a chain-link fence around their carport for added protection.

Steel A model equipment storage quonset hut with steel end wall no door.

Equipment Storage in Lahaina

  • Model Type – A-Model
  • Size: 20’W X 13’H X 40’L

SteelMaster offers a variety of equipment storage options that will protect your investments. From smaller storage sheds like the one above to massive buildings, we’ll provide you with a storage solution that lasts for decades.

Coffee Shop in Ninole

  • Model type: R-Model (Container Cover)
  • Size: 50’W X 14’H X 22’L

Customer Mike M. created his own coffee production company, Pua’a Lani (Hog Heaven), which using a SteelMaster metal shipping container cover and two salvaged shipping containers. Mike discovered the benefits of building with a metal shipping container cover rather than a traditional-style building. Not only are they simple to construct, but there’s also built-in site storage, which is especially useful in an area that gets about 150 inches of rain a year.

Steel Carport on concerete slab located in a jungle

Carport in Pahoa

  • Model Type: Carport
  • Size: 16’W X 9’H X 40’L

No matter what needs to be covered, trust our carports to protect your valuables. We provide carports to fit every need. You can get one tall enough to store a large vehicle such as an RV, or a smaller one that would still be large enough to protect a jet ski, snowmobile or an ATV.

Steel Quonset hut container cover on top of yellow container cover with two white fork lifts in front and one white truck on the right side of building. Located in a parking lot

Container Cover in Honolulu

  • Model Type – R-Model
  • Size: 48’W X 14’H X 60’L

After using a maintenance shelter made of weak materials for years, the folks at Air Service Hawaii decided to upgrade to a more durable and functional solution by using two shipping containers and a SteelMaster container cover roof kit.  The company is so pleased with the new maintenance shelter that the company plans on purchasing another container cover roof system for Air Service Hawaii’s newest terminal on the island of Kauai.

Steel Quonset Hut concession stand with lights on top of building, Palm tree on left side of base of building. Barrels and boxes with popcorn buckets and candy on top of it. Woman standing behind barrels. Tv and brochures on back wall of quonset hut. Bench with barrels at base and two ukuleles on back wall on top of green tarp.

Museum Movie Theater in Kaneohe

  • Model Type – Q-Model

This building is used for the base theater at the Home of the Brave Museum in Honolulu. In addition to the theater, there are also Quonset arches used for decoration in the “Brewseum” and the Tiki Bar.

Steel A model garage quonset hut with custom wooden end walls painted red, red with white trim barn doors and one white walkthrough door. Garage has solar panels on the roof and a custom lean to roof attached to the left side with a blue tractor underneath the roof. One american flag and two tan chairs in front of garage.

Garage in Pepeekeo

  • Model Type – A-Model
  • Size: 25’W X 25’H X 30’L

This garage has custom endwalls that give it a classic barn look. The owner also attached a roof to the building to create a covered area for additional equipment storage. Plus, he’s installed solar panels to the roof for a clean energy solution.

From the design process and beyond, our team of building specialists will guide you through the process of creating your dream building.

We have representatives who specialize in Hawaii steel buildings and have connections with freight forwarders and Hawaiian Ocean Transport (HOT) agents, keeping your shipping cost to Hawaii as low as possible.

Additionally, our buildings specialists know what documents plans examiners in Hawaii require to obtain a permit for a building and can provide you with some of those documents, helping the permitting process go a little smoother and saving you time and money.

Because it is such an agriculture-friendly state, greenhouse and nursery products are the leading agricultural commodities in Hawaii. Pineapples are vital crops to the island as well, with most of the plantations located on the island of Maui. As you’ll see in the photos above, we have experience in designing agricultural and equipment storage buildings in a variety of sizes and models.