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DIY Metal Barn Kits for Agricultural Storage

SteelMaster’s metal barn kits were designed with the ultimate DIYer in mind. They are the perfect choice for your agricultural storage needs including storing products or livestock.

With traditional pole barns, wooden poles are buried in the ground and used as columns for the roof. The walls of the pole barn can be made of wood, or sometimes tin, and screwed or nailed into the poles. Burying the holes to place the wooden poles in the ground can make the construction process tedious and longer, especially depending on the condition and level of the soil. In contrast, the arches of a steel barn are anchored to a concrete foundation which makes the building more durable and the overall construction process easier.

We make it easy to put together our do-it-yourself Quonset barn kits. Every building is prefabricated and pre-punched at our factory. Each structure only requires the use of one size nut and one size bolt to construct.

Not only are our metal buildings easy to build, they are also cost effective for the consumer looking to save money and time. You don’t need an expensive contractor or construction crew. Even a construction novice can put together one of our metal barn kits with the help of just a few friends.

After the building is erected, the savings continue. SteelMaster’s metal barn kits are energy efficient which saves on heating and cooling bills, and our buildings require very little maintenance.

Customers also have peace of mind knowing their investments are protected in one of the strongest structures on earth. SteelMaster’s barn kits are strong enough to endure the most severe weather conditions including heavy snow loads, strong tornadoes and dangerous hurricanes.

SteelMaster customer Greg S. purchased a DIY prefab barn not only because he liked the aesthetic, but because he needed a building that would be able to handle heavy snow loads in his area.

The project started with two old block buildings that were connected by wooden walls in the back and three cobbled roofs. He says he had to have the wooden back wall of his building removed and replaced with a block wall. He eventually ended up with 10 foot tall back walls and side walls with a footprint of 32’ by 24’.

“It seemed like working with Legos or Tinker Toys. I like flexibility and have always been a change artist,” said Greg.

SteelMaster stands by our super strong and customizable prefab metal barn kits. We back it with a 40-year warranty and our excellent customer service team is always ready to assist any customer during the building phase and beyond.


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