steel building built on alternate foundations that are easily constructed, disassembled and moved to a different location

Portable Metal Garages: Portable, Liftable Steel Garage Kits

Planning to move? Don’t leave your metal garage behind, take it with you! SteelMaster offers an amazing benefit that traditional wood structures don’t—portability.

Most of our customers purchase permanent garage buildings that are are grouted to the ground to give the arches even more strength; however, there are customers with large or developing property that need the versatility of a building that is portable. To accommodate this, SteelMaster also offers a special plate that is bolted to the chosen foundation instead of grouting. If you plan to move the building, you can simply take the steel quonset and the special plate off of the foundation and transport it to a new location.

Our portable prefabricated metal garages are designed to be moved in one of two ways: disassemble/reassemble or pick it up and move it to a new location. The size and design of your garage will determine how is best to move it. Be sure to tell our experienced team if portability is an important feature for you and they review the details of your garage and offer insights and tips.

Portability is especially important to those who have been the victims of a natural disaster.

SteelMaster has worked with several organizations including AECOM, USAID, the UN and World Vision to provide relief structures to damaged regions all around the world.

Not only are these structures easy to assemble in a flash, they can be taken down and used for another emergency situation.

Typically, larger quonset garage buildings are easier to disassemble and reassemble rather than move them wholly. If the garage is smaller and you have the equipment to pick it up and place it elsewhere, one can simply lift the entire structure and move it to the desired location. Regardless of how it’s moved, the strength and durability of a metal garage moves with it.


construction crew that assembled the steelmaster s-model garage kit
steel building workshop for antique car storage
x-model steel building used for car, truck and tractor storage
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