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Protect Your Investments with Fire Resistant Quonset HutsTM

SteelMaster’s metal Quonset HutsTM are specifically engineered to withstand some of the most extreme natural and manmade conditions. One of the amazing benefits of owning a Quonset HutTM is its unmatched protection from fire-related disasters.

Every year, over a million fires occur all across the United States causing over $11.6 billion in losses, and thousands of injuries and deaths. Fires can start in several different ways including electrical, smoking, and  unattended cooking. One of the best ways to prevent losing everything to fire is to be prepared for the worst.

People who own steel Quonset HutsTM already have a significant advantage over those who have traditional straight wall buildings because of the engineered fire resistance in a Quonset HutTM. The International Building Code recognizes that steel is non-combustible which means our fire-resistant metal buildings easily meet the codes of every locality across the country. Steel buildings are considered to be both type 1 and type 2 buildings in fire codes. Type 1 categorizes it as fire resistant and type 2 determines that the structure is non-combustible.

Buildings of metal fire resistive construction also have advantages when it comes to building size. Localities allow metal buildings to be larger in size because if a fire breaks out inside, the potential for damage is significantly less than a wood structure.

Our buildings are made with 100% high quality, commercial grade steel that has been subjected to several rigorous tests to see how it holds up in an intense fire. Our steel was exposed to heat at 1382 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. To pass this test, the mean of the maximum temperature rise could not go beyond 96.8 degrees, it could not flame during the last 14 minutes and 30 seconds of the test, and the maximum loss of mass could not go beyond 20 percent.

The special, glossy coating on the steel is also non combustible. SteelMaster uses a coating called Galvalume Plus that helps to prevent rusting and basic wear and tear on the arches. It protects the building from becoming too overheated in the summer and helps to reduce energy costs all year round. This coating is made of aluminum and zinc, two non-combustible substances that make the steel arches even more fire resistant.

The average house fire burns at about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and can spread in a matter of minutes under the right conditions. It takes more than double that amount of heat, 2,500 degrees, for steel to even begin to burn. Where will your valuables be safer?

Mother Nature can also pose a severe threat to structures in areas prone to wildfires. Extremely hot, dry weather can spark dangerous forest fires. They are particularly fierce in the pacific north west of the United States including Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington State, Nevada and Utah.

At the peak of wildfire season in 2017, hundreds of fire officials and the U.S. Forest Service worked together to contain more than 80 massive fires. They’ve used air attacks with slurry fire retardant and burn out methods to try to put out. It’s been extremely difficult for first responders because there’s an abundance of dry wood which acts as an accelerant, making the fire spread farther in a shorter span of time. This extreme fire behavior has prompted an all hands situation. Several firefighters have been killed, thousands of acres burned, homes destroyed, and hundreds evacuated.

Those who own steel homes have a better chance of protecting their belongings in such a situation. Some homes have been burned down to their foundation after wildfires overtake them. A SteelMaster Quonset HutTM would have a much better chance of surviving.

Another natural fire hazard is lightning. The heat in a lightning strike is 10 times hotter than the sun! If lightning strikes a wood structure, it can destroy the wood causing it to explode or catch fire. A steel building, however, is engineered to handle a direct hit. It can better conduct electricity than wood or any other material.

When trying to protect your family and property from fire-related damages, a SteelMaster Quonset HutTM is the most economical and safest decision.


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