Buying A Commercial Prefab Building For Your Business

SteelMaster offers a wide variety of prefab business building models, allowing you to select the option that is best suited for your steel building application. Our steel buildings are available in widths ranging from 10′ to 150′ feet, depending on the model, and in lengths as long as needed.

  • A-Model

    Created by SteelMaster in 1992, the A-Model is perfect for any workshop, custom building or equipment storage.

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  • S-Model

    The S-Model is great for a variety of applications, including storage sheds, warehouses, equipment covers and more.

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  • Q-Model

    This model is the strongest on earth and perfect for salt storage or other grain and mineral storage.

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  • X-Model

    The X-Model was created by SteelMaster for customers looking for a 4:12 pitched roof style with high snow load requirements.

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  • C-Model

    The C-Model is SteelMaster’s steel carport that’s engineered to withstand even the toughest climate conditions.

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  • R-Model

    The R-Model is SteelMaster’s roofing system that’s engineered to withstand even the toughest climate condition, prefect for container covers, canopies and awnings.

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Cube Depot Container Cover

Questions began of how to create a cover system for the building. It was clear that an efficient, budget-friendly roofing system would be the key to giving the project life.

HEB Grocery Roofing System

We wanted to create a building that would honor the area’s history as a former major Austin airport, so the team designed a roof that was reminiscent of an airplane wing.

Los Alamos Laboratory

“The alpha rays emitted by plutonium can be dangerous if inhaled, so preventing contamination from reaching the air was our first consideration.”