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Woman Repurposes Late Father’s Workshop Into Living Quarters

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Q-Model Quonset Hut garage with white truck parked out front

Living in Clearwater, Florida, SteelMaster customer Elizabeth J. is no stranger to hurricanes. In 2017, she lived through hurricane Irma, a category 2 hurricane that swept through the region leaving devastation in its wake.  And just last year, when hurricane Ian hit, Liz, her husband, Larry, and even a few of their friends sought solace in the Quonset hut. She reported that they all felt, “very safe”.

Liz’s dad purchased the Q-Model Quonset hut in 2010 to utilize as his workshop. Welder and inventor by trade, Liz remembers him spending almost all his time inside what she calls his “dream shop,” working on various projects. After a contractor erected the arches of the building, her father installed the plumbing himself and built a fully equipped bathroom. When he passed away in August of 2018, Liz converted his dearly loved workshop into living quarters for Larry and herself.

Similar to her dad, Liz is also extremely creative and handy. She insulated the building by utilizing the existing bolts, slabs of wood, and plumbers’ straps. She attached the 1×3 slabs of wood to the arches, and then screwed the insulation into the wood so that the integrity of the arch was not compromised. That way, her and her husband can live in the building year-round.

When asked what her favorite part about her Quonset hut is, Liz replied, “I really like the shape. It is unique and can withstand crazy winds. We have no worries whatsoever in storms.”

She adds, “In Florida, most people could benefit from a Quonset hut because it puts your mind completely at ease. You do not need to worry about storms.”

SteelMaster’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone Certified buildings are engineered to the highest standards and are able to withstand winds up to 190 MPH.

One of our structures was tested in strict accordance to FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500.  We even tested the strength of our buildings to simulate debris hitting the steel in a severe storm. After a 15 pound wood 2”x 4” was hurled at one of our steel walls at 100 mph, the building sustained minimal damage.

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