SteelMaster Buildings is International

SteelMaster Buildings has been able to expand our international distributor network to over 50 countries and sell our products on six continents worldwide.


“Who would have thought that in just five years we would have over 50 representatives of our product worldwide? In order for me to tell you my exporting story, I would like to take you to the beginning, so here we go. Things were really tough in the beginning. I was given a task to expand the international business of the company and did not know where to begin. We reached out to available resources such as the SBA, the VDP, Exim Bank, and the U.S. Commercial Services. This gave us confident resources to learn the requirements of international trade such as transportation options, legal issues, and tariff information among others. We immersed ourselves in each of the markets that we selected and learned about their culture, customs, and local competition. From the work of East Agency, we were able to expand our overseas distributor network worldwide. In fact, in 2011, SteelMaster was awarded the UPS growth through global trade award, recognizing small businesses’ success in exporting. Agribusiness is one key international segment for SteelMaster. We have provided structures to customers all over the world from Europe to Africa to Latin America. Our buildings are used in every facet of food production including manufacturing, storage facilities, processing plants, and distribution centers. Due to the clear span design, SteelMaster structures are a natural fit for the agriculture segment. For SteelMaster, the decision to begin exporting has been transformational to our success. Since we began exporting, we’ve been able to double our revenues year after year for the past 5 years. By utilizing the expertise of our trade specialists under the National Export Initiative, we have been able to sell our products in new markets worldwide. Our success in exporting was highlighted in a speech by former Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke.” “For the past two years our trade specialists worked with global businesses and have helped them generate sales to foreign customers for $515 million. One of those businesses was SteelMaster Buildings from Virginia Beach which consults routinely with the Richmond exports assistance center.” “Our success in exporting was made possible with the help of local, state and federal resources. Remember to target the best geographies for your products and services. Doing business abroad takes time so stick to your plan and the results will come. And finally, enjoy the experience, as you find new opportunities to expand your business around the world. That’s my exporting story. Where will your next customer come from?”