Celebrating 20 Years with SteelMaster Buildings

Today we take the time to celebrate one of our longtime employees, Rich Merrill who has worked with us for two decades. Great work, Rich!


“You get a sense of accomplishment when you talk to somebody and they give you a callback and say thank you.” Meet Rich Merrill Construction Consultant. This is Rich Merrill at SteelMaster. He’s celebrating his 20th year at SteelMaster! “It’s hard to believe that twenty years have gone by since I came in through the door and asked for a job.” He has helped thousands of customers all over the world. “It’s been very important to me to one, be part of a company, and two, to help people through their careers or through their putting the buildings up and enjoying it.” He helped to build Quonsets in the Navy. “I was a CB that I put in twenty-five years doing constructions around the world. I retired here in the Tidewater area.” So what’s his advice to future building specialists? “Just try your best every day.” Thanks for your years of hard works and dedication. “Thank you SteelMaster family.”