SteelMaster Customer Praises Quick and Easy Assembly of Steel Garage

Customers come to SteelMaster Buildings when they need a steel building for many reasons. Miguel Jimenez built a garage for his company in Texas.


Our Quonset-style building from SteelMaster, just looked them up, did some research and were comfortable with their reviews and what they had to offer. I talked to them, placed the order, and they delivered it and we got all the pieces. It came complete with everything. The guys at T2 Welding here in the Canyon Lake New Braunfels area specialize in building steel buildings and usually have to weld and cut and do a bunch of stuff. They’re very impressed with how this went together, did not have to do a whole lot of extras all the panels aligned as advertised, all the hardware was included. The silicone, the foam, everything you needed. It’s already been through a heavy rainstorm. We got some nasty rain about two days after we finished it and no leaks. It’s been great and yeah the building is solid. It’s not going anywhere. To SteelMaster, thank you for the support and all the questions they answer very quickly. I never had to wait more than half a day for a response from them over email. Every time I call they answered, make sure that we were ready to go the moment the truck showed up with all the materials.”