How to Build a Quonset Hut™ Home: Step-by-Step Guide

One architect designed this building to cost less than $150,000. He needed this lodge to be super energy efficient and durable enough to handle any natural event so he selected a SteelMaster Quonset Hut™.


How to build a Quonset hut a step-by-step guide. Step one: planning. Before you build, design your building. Select model and size, verify structure meets local building codes, secure engineer state-stamped blueprints, create a floor plan for the interior space, determine exterior features and aesthetics. Select a model and size that meets local building codes. Step two: foundation. Prepare the ground for the foundation. Step three: flooring. Installing rebar before the concrete pour. Pouring, smoothing concrete for nice even floors. Step four: raise the arches. Assemble the arches on the ground or use alternative method of attaching piece by piece. Set each arch into the foundation or attach to optional foundation plate. Step five: endwalls. Framing to attach endwalls. Start to design the interior space of your home. Step six: insulation. Insulate the building with spray foam of blanket insulation. Step seven: the finish. Determine the exterior features of your home.