The Multi-Million Dollar Quonset Hut Home

Bob Stansel and Tammy Marek worked with world-renowned architect Maziar Behrooz to create their multi-million dollar Quonset Hut™ Home.


The Arc House Multi-Million Dollar Quonset Hut Home. There’s more to this house than meets the eye. Half of it is actually underground! Architect Maziar Behrooz designed it after looking at a photo of an airplane hangar. The main living area sits under a storm-proof SteelMaster arch. The other half is built under a flat roof structure. The interior is exquisite. It has a 1,000 bottle wine storage area and a special bathroom for the dog. The green roof top and geothermal high efficiency HVAC helps to lower energy costs. Industrial construction combined with architectural concepts creates one amazing living space! Want more info? Visit our website for more information.