Kempsville High School Batting Dome

The Kempsville baseball team played a 100-inning marathon to raise funds for an indoor batting facility.


“We are going to play 100 innings of baseball this Saturday starting at 9 am. We’re going to attempt to do it with a pitching machine. We’re going to divide up the varsity and JV teams to play the game. It’s probably going to take us about 5 or 6 hours. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” “Playing for 100 innings, we’re probably out there for 6 hours and probably get like 30 at-bats and we’re all over the place. You might start at short and end up probably catching or something like that. It’s just a fun thing to do. It’s easy to raise money and the coaches get involved and have fun and everybody’s just it’s a good time.” “Last year, we were in the process of fundraising for this facility that I’m standing in. This is the indoor hitting baseball facility at Kempsville High School and we aggressively raised funds for that last year and this year we’re trying to use the proceeds from the marathon game to benefit Coast St. Claire Jones at Kellam High School.” “The building means a hitting facility for us to hit in when it’s like raining and stuff because normally everyone would try to get to the gym but say like softball is in there or something we can’t get in there so we have our own facility to hit in. And this year we are going to use our money for the proceeds for Coach Jones who got in a car accident during the winter and then he got paralyzed and we’re going to use this to help him pay for his medical bills and help him help his family out mostly.”