Building a Quonset Hut Garage in Just Three Days

Trying to build your own quonset hut? This is the video you’ve been looking for! Here is a time lapse video for the construction of a SteelMaster prefabricated arch style steel building. This shows a step-by-step footage of the steel building’s construction. A 35′ width x 18′ height x 40′ length metal storage building was selected for the application of general farm storage. This was done in just 3 days


You’re about to watch a time-lapse video for the construction of a SteelMaster Prefabricated Arch-style Steel Building. The foundation was poured in advance of this filming in accordance with the plans and specifications that are provided by SteelMaster. The application for this particular project is general storage for farm equipment. The customer selected a 35 foot wide 18 foot high and 40 foot long building. The first step in the erection process is to pre-construct the arches on the ground for ease of assembly with the nuts and bolts being hand tightened. Once the arch pieces are assembled, the arches are then raised one at a time in either the full arch or half arch method. The process is repeated arch by arch falling back every forth arch to fully tighten the nuts and bolts. Once the arches are completed, the next step is to install the endwalls. This customer selected steel endwalls provided by SteelMaster. The endwalls are also easily customizable. The endwall panels are pre-cut and clearly marked at SteelMaster’s manufacturing facility to ensure a perfect fit to the shape of the structure. This particular building comes with a 10 foot by 10 foot framed opening complete with a 14 gauge header beam and door posts to ensure proper installation of an overhead door. The completion time for this SteelMaster building was just 3 days. For more information please call or visit SteelMaster’s website.